Tuesday, September 4, 2012

That 'Asian' word again

I don't know why the MSM do it, they aren't really fooling anyone but they have got to get over the misuse of the word 'Asian' when describing the activities of a certain religious group.
SOLDIERS guarding the Paralympics have been told to keep in large groups after a spate of unprovoked attacks on servicemen.
In the worst incident, a lone off-duty soldier was targeted by four Asian men who abused him for being in the Army before attacking him yards from his base.
Asia is a big bloody place and I suspect the guys attacking the soldiers weren't Chinese either, nor any of the oriental Asians. Nor somehow do I suspect they come from the old Soviet Asian states but rather the Indian sub continent and either one of the Islamic states festering therein. So just who the Express thinks they are fooling is anyone's guess, certainly not the public at large. Perhaps it's just to keep the commision on racial equality happy not to go into specifics or the local Guardianistas who would squeal 'waycist' had such a connection been made.
Still this is the Islamic republic of Tower hamlets we're talking about, a place of peace and tolerance amongst the religion teachers being bludgeoned near to death for teaching Muslim pupils about other religions, non Muslim shop assistants being threatened for not wearing a veil and the site of gay free zone stickers put up by Islamics despite the initial claims it was the EDL doing it. Also the place where a woman was dragged off a bus and beaten up by Asian thugs only to have the UAF video it and laugh about it.
Yes, that Tower hamlets, home of the Muslim postal vote, where only whites can be racist according to the corrupt Lee Jasper the one who suggested there were similarities between the extremist Anders Breivik and Mayor of London Boris Johnson.
A place where one day there will be rioting and carbeques like the Banlieues of France where the Islamic areas have become no go areas for civilised people, mostly meaning non Islamics.
No doubt the 'Asians' making these attacks don't think they are unprovoked, after all the Army is deployed in Afghanistan and the Islamic sense of grievance knows no end, though it might just be racism rearing its ugly head, not that I'd expect anyone caught to have the racist tag added to any charges, the Rhea Paige incident will have told anyone what to expect from the CPS and Judges on anything along those lines.
Nor do I expect politicians to do anything about the plague we have to deal with in the sense of Islamic immigration, not unless it's too little too late.No, we'll be told we're racists, bigots Nazi's, fascists etc, which we aren't but there's no stopping the anti-English left wing liberals when they go off on one.
Doesn't make us wrong though, does it?

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Farenheit211 said...

The misuse of the word Asian is a slur on all people of Asian extraction. Let's be honest, it's not likely that they are looking for someone who looks like they run your local chinese takeaway, it's much more likely that the are looking for followers of the religion of exploding to pieces.

The dishonesty makes me mad sometimes.

English Pensioner said...

I agree with the above comment. We need to call them what they are, Islamic Asians or Pakistanis.
I have friends from various parts of Asia - Singapore, Burma, Ceylon (that's what they were called when they or their parents came here to fight for our country) and they strongly resent the abuse of the word "asians".
Seems that the media doesn't care, they are only concerned with not upsetting on particular group of asians, a very small minority in the continent as a whole.

Farenheit211 said...

Why not just be honest and say followers of Islam. It's the truth. To not tell the truth about what is going on is moral cowardice. Let's say it loud, it aint asians it's Islam.

BTW I've mentioned Cameron and his moral cowardice of over Warsi at my place today.

Rootar said...

Yes, we'll be shouted down and told we are racists. Its the only way the Powers That Be can contain the situation created by their own ideology and policies. It won't work forever of course and its beginning to crack open now. It will only get worse.

farenheit211 said...

Rootar, These accusations of racism bother me as well. I've mentioned it over at my place. It's a way of shutting down debate and must be resisted.