Saturday, September 8, 2012

Opt in opt out

What is it with the weakminded these days that they continually play into the hands of those who would control us supposedly for our own good?
A leading neuroscientist has backed an opt-in system for online pornography, saying extreme images may cause long-term harm to children’s brains.
Baroness Susan Greenfield urged ministers to respect parents’ concerns over uncontrolled internet access.
The Oxford University professor said the developing brain was ‘vulnerable’ and that children needed to be protected from premature sexualisation.
Already, she said, young people she had spoken to believed ‘relationships are for losers’ and that having multiple sexual partners would impress their friends. The Daily Mail is campaigning for an automatic block on online porn unless over-18s specifically ask their internet service providers to let them see such material, following strict age verification.
Baroness Greenfield said: ‘If I had to choose between unfettered internet access, and having children potentially harmed psychologically or worse by porn sites, then for me the decision is an easy one.
‘This [opt in] seems to be the simplest and something simple is easiest for people to deal with. We know that the young brain, because it is still developing, is vulnerable. It is so easily influenced, exposing young people to extreme behaviours like that, might influence it in a way that could be long term.’
Whilst I'm willing to accept that porn might have an effect on kids brains, frankly there are worse things than porn around that might do so. The problem as I see it is lack of parental supervision, in which they don't have a clue as to what kids are looking at, which is only something parents can fix as I don't believe any 'opt in' system will work anyway, after all, some parents look at porn too and a lot of kids are far more tech savvy than their parents, including the use of proxy servers to get around service provider bans. Unless of course the government choose to act to ban those as well... (I must stop giving them ideas, I know)
Once again our freedoms are being eroded away with a 'for the cheeldren!' mantra from those who believe they know what's good for us despite years of evidence that they either don't or have other agendas. After all if it does become possible to limit access in one way, it's possible to limit access in others and then we're (if not already) heading down the route of Winston Smith's Ministry of Truth, where we're only allowed to see what those in power wish us to see.
It's time for parents to 'man up' as it were and take personal responsibility for bringing up their kids with a healthy outlook, you can buy 'nanny' protection products if you feel the need for them.
Trusting the government to look after your kids is a recipe for disaster...

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banned said...

Baroness Greenfield should be made aware that her sons smartphone contains more computing power than was used to put a man on the moon so putting controls on her home computer will do little to prevent him accessing (or indeed creating) pornography as and when he wants to.
Just more control freakery