Saturday, August 18, 2012

The march the BBC didn't want you to see

The BBC follows certain narratives, male = bad, female = good, white = racist, any other skin tone = salt of the earth. EDL = evil fascist/racist/islamophobic scum. Muslims = religion of peace/misunderstood/better than anyone else. Israel = bad, Palestine = good. The narratives never really change unless the consensus from its left wing ideals change and as the hard of thinking left have never come up with anything new in the way of original thought since the 1930's it's not too likely now.
The BBC because of this will not show you anything which makes their narrative suspect such as this pro Palestine march in London.

Here we have a march by Muslims and assorted idiots leftists in London where the police were on numerous occasions attacked violently by the marchers. Had this been the BNP or the EDL it would have been headline news paraded out to enforce the BBC's idea that only the so called right cause trouble on the streets. It's notable that they didn't mention the left wing support of the student riots, nor during the London riots that most taking place weren't white. Indeed they praised certain (Sikh and Turkish) communities for defending their patches whilst condemning other (white) communities for doing exactly the same.
The usual banners are on display parading the usual lies using terms such as holocaust, apartheid, starvation etc all without a basis in truth and all believed as items of faith by Muslims, the left and anyone who seeks to demonise the Israeli state.
There's clearly an attempt to create a two tier solution to justice in the UK where the majority indigenous groups are getting a second class service and representation in the media and in the justice system. This will only breed resentment until it finally explodes.

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Anonymous said...

Why do the left align with Islam? Marx famously described religion as the "opiate of the masses". This is part of a pattern. "Gorgeous" George Galloway of saluting Saddam (compare with the International Brigade fighting against Franco mostly poplated by people who perceived themselves as left wing including George Orwell who later saw the reality of socialism - "Ingsoc"!) and the so called "Bradford Spring". So called feminists supporting the slavery of the Hijab. I could go on (and on!...). But 'nuff said I think.