Friday, August 3, 2012

So is this how you practice Islam?

Some more cultural enrichment from the religion of the perpetually aggrieved.
A man who raped women to “teach them a lesson” for being out at night was jailed indefinitely yesterday.
Sunny Islam, 23, dragged away his victims, including a 15 year-old, at knifepoint, then bound and assaulted them.
Police fear that Islam, who raped four women over three months in east London, may have attacked many more.
At Woolwich Crown Court, Judge Patricia Lees sentenced Islam to a minimum sentence of 11 years before he is considered for parole. She told him: “The nature and extent of these offences drives me to the conclusion that you represent an extreme and continuing danger to women, particularly those out at night.”
Islam, who told the jury he was a practising Muslim, was convicted of seven charges of rape, one of sexual assault and one of kidnap.
I wonder if the thought the 'I'm a Muslim' mitigation was a get out of jail free card? The other thing not mentioned in the article but can be found elsewhere on the net is that the guy asked his victims their religion before committing the atrocity. I'm actually surprised he didn't play the 'it's all Israel's fault and the Jews made me do it' card. After all if the Israeli's can train red sea sharks to attack tourists, then God alone knows what they are capable of (and what some people will believe come to that)
Of course there are some out there who think that this is an exception that most Muslims don't act or think the way this guy does, but of course the evidence is out there if you look.

Yes, according to this Muslim scholar, women who don't cover up are 'asking for it' I doubt that this is the kind of 'cultural enrichment' that the left and liberals insist is an outcome of diversity, multiculturalism and immigration, but you never know with that lot.
And the government insist that we tolerate this vile religion and its adherents.

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James Higham said...

It's a most effective tool, just like the gay card. The government aren't interested in the issues - they want a lever to destabilize the society and have us relying on them for 'truth'.

Anonymous said...

There is the claim that Muslims are really afraid of the power that women have over them. If, for instance, there was a Lysistra movement in the Muslim world, the relkigion would soon die out. That may be one of the reasons why women are classed as property where the man is able to do whatever and whenever he wishes. Muslim women must cover up so that they do not inflame the passions of the man. In such a case, it's not the man, who is not capable of controlling his animalistic tendences, but the woman who he desires who is to blame. We are back the the 'property' thing. The other theory is that the religion of Islam is covertly homosexual and that is why the men grow beards, eat noisily, fart in public and rarely wash - they want to show their neighbours that they are 'real men'. Having met quite a few women who have left abusive Muslim huisbands (and some uncles or cousins when the husband has died), it seems that sexual congress for a woman is an act to be endured rather than enjoyed. Latent homosexuals? There may be something in this.