Friday, August 10, 2012


I have to admit it, it's been quite impressive the medal haul of the UK team during the Olympics, we've done far better than I expected and some of the victories have been very impressive, including a few against the odds one. Whilst I have precious little time for British nationalism as it's not my flag and not my country, I have enjoyed quite a few of the English golds being grabbed at the event. However it seems that a certain broadcaster has been told not to get so excited about UK victories...
BBC news teams have been ordered to stop focusing on the success of Team GB and celebrate the achievements of other countries as well. Director general Mark Thompson is said to be unhappy at the patriotic tone of the coverage.
In an email to journalists, director of news Helen Boaden wrote: “Mark Thompson is increasingly unhappy that we are focusing far too much on Team GB’s performance to the exclusion of all else. As editor in chief, he has issued a directive that this needs to change from today.”
BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation, who would have thought it might be glad of British success?
That's right, unlike any other country, the British national broadcaster has been told not to 'big up' our own impressive tally but concentrate on every other nation as well. Only at the leftist BBC could you have expected such a ridiculous pronouncement,  where such things as patriotism and pride need to be squelched so as not to give the masses ideas above their station.
It's not often we have much to cheer about these days.

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Restoring Britain said...

Starnge isn't it. As friends in NZ & Oz point out, if a Kiwi or an Aussie doesn't win an event you get no idea who got a medal because they focus on their own and quite right too.

The BBC are never far away when we're losing though are they - so it clearly isn't a balance thing.