Friday, August 31, 2012

Not the same thing?

Burn a poppy on Remembrance Day, get on national tv and the worlds media and offend millions of people in this country get an £80 fine. Stick a pigs head on a mosque, get a mention in the local press and a one liner in the national press (though not on tv) offend perhaps thousands who belong to a certain religion get 4 months jail.
Racist ex-soldier who stuck a pig's head to mosque gates in 'revenge' for extremists burning poppies is jailed for four months
A former soldier has been jailed for four months after he tied a pig's head to the gates of a mosque before uploading pictures of what he did on Facebook.
Simon Parkes, 45, tied the animal's head to the front of Cheltenham Mosque, Gloucestershire, after seeing a group of Muslims burning poppies on Remembrance Sunday 2010.
He also wrote 'Allah' on the pig's snout in what was seen as an 'act of revenge' against the Muslim religion.
Parkes also painted 'rag heads out' on the side of the mosque.
Gloucester Crown Court heard that his actions had distressed worshippers at the mosque and served to heighten racial tensions.
Sentencing him Judge Jamie Tabor QC, said: 'Not only soldiers but the majority of citizens of this country were offended by seeing the poppies burnt.
'They, however, did not react as you did. You deliberately set out to not only insult another religion but you undertook to inflame and enhance racial tension.'
Parkes went to the mosque with an unknown accomplice in the early hours of November 13, 2010 and placed the pig's head on the gate at the front.
Pigs are seen as being unclean in the Muslim and Jewish religion so Parkes' actions will have been deeply offensive to anyone who saw what he had done.
They used red paint to daub graffiti on the building which was found a few hours later by a worshipper who was 'deeply offended' by what he saw.
Ok, first off Islam is not a race, it's a religion, being offended by Islamic or Muslim actions does not make you a racist. Nor am I condoning what Parkes did, it was offensive, however no more so than say burning a poppy on Remembrance Day and probably worthy of exactly the same result.
However we have a judiciary and a legal system which panders to minorities and cannot seem to grasp that positive discrimination is simply discrimination so tacking a 'racist' element onto any crime committed by a white person against any other group is not only wrong it's racist in itself, particularly when the opposite does not appear to apply google Rhea Paige for a shining example of a two tier justice system.
What judgements like this do is build up a sense of resentment in the mainstream, not because we approve of what Parkes has done, but because it is manifestly unfair compared to what happened to those who in my eyes (and no doubt others) did something similar first and caused him to react in this way.
Had say those who burned the poppy and insulted our honoured dead got 4 months for their crime it would be a case of fair enough with a lot of grousing that it wasn't anywhere like enough. As it is you can insult those who gave their all for their country and get a tiny fine, when you insult Islam, you're going to prison.
And the powers that be wonder why people are getting so angry...

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Farenheit211 said...

I think more and more people are noticing this discrepancy in how the law is being applied and this is going to come to a head one day.

It's also extremely worrying just how close some media, local authorities and Govt are to Islamic groups.

You should hear the Herefordshire diversity officer cheering plans for a new mosque in the Hereford Times paper, it's alarmingly stupid for him to do so as a powerful presence of Islam drives out diversity. You can see that in the Muslim world and you can see it in the Islamised areas of the UK.

StourbridgeRantBoy said...

Try building a church in Saudi Arabia! These people are ignorantley blissfull of the trouble they are storing up in their rush to appease everybody, Islam in particular. I am happy with Church bells in a Christian country and the call to prayer when i am on holiday, birdwatching in Morocco. I do not want the call to prayer in my own country.

I would like to know where the funds have come from? We all know that the Pakistani Muslims do not integrate with Whitey and avoid the contribution of any taxes.

I do not shop at Muslim shops and do not take taxis - and as for the excuse that the Mosque can be used by non-muslims, what a fucking joke. AFAIK there are only 3 mosques in the country that will carry out recognised UK marriages that are legally recognised....

Laurie -

Farenheit211 said...

Laurie, I agree with you on the issue of the PTB storing up problems for the future.

I'm not sure that I go along with the boycott idea though. I can see your reasoning but it has really, really unpleasant historical echoes IYSWIM. I can't state this often enough but my policy is not to go after the individual only the ideology.

I'm much more in favour of peacefully and legally going after those who promote the multiculturalism that is being exploited by expansionist Islam.

See this link:

Tarka the Rotter said...

Islam is not only a religion is is a political movement. It is not a race. You either believe it or you don't. If you don't, then you should be at liverty to either oppose it or ignore it. The ex-soldier acted in a way that harmed no individual physically or directly, but in response to how he believes he and his colleagues have been denigrated by Islamists. If the law does not respond in absolute equality, then anger and resentment are going to build up. This is already happening. As a white Englishman, who now gives a stuff about what offends me and what I find totally unacceptable?

JuliaM said...

Even the police (well, some of them, at least) are starting to question whether their tactics are the right ones.