Monday, August 27, 2012


Local councils are up to their old tricks again. Despite the government telling them to reduce costs and help the residents, they simply look for new ways to keep their income rising and as ever have chosen to go after motorists, an easy law abiding target.
Councils have lobbied the Government for the right to fine drivers who make illegal turns, encroach on yellow boxes or drive in bus and cycle lanes.
Ministers indicated they were “sympathetic” to the plans amid growing concerns from motoring groups that councils would use them as a “cash cow”. The Coalition had promised to end the “war on motorists” when it came to power.
Local authorities already have the power to fine motorists for parking illegally. However, they now want the same powers as authorities in London to fine motorists for other offences.
It is understood the Department for Transport has been in discussions with 20 councils about giving them the new powers. They include Birmingham, Brighton and Hove, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Plymouth, Reading, Salford, Sheffield and Southampton.
The motoring organisations are correct, politicians in general see the motorist as a cash cow and seem to seek out ever new methods of driving them off the road. Nor do the claims of using public transport being a better option work either. It's either inconvenient or far too costly. A return bus ticket to Chatham from where I live would cost over a fiver. I can do the journey in by car far cheaper, including parking fees and that's simply me alone, it becomes even cheaper if my good Lady comes with me. Nor would it be suitable for work, there are no trains or buses that could get me to my place of work in time for my morning shifts starting, nor is using a bike an option either, 12 hour shifts and a one hour travel time by bike means I couldn't be arsed to even try.
But now if going to a big city I'll have to watch out for various other traps to fleece me of my hard earned cash. I doubt they're all Labour, but I have a sneaking suspicion the majority of them will be.
I just wish they'd get away from the idea that my pockets are bottomless and that they need to keep raising revenue.
Hanging them all from lampposts cannot it seems come too soon.

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Dioclese said...

I'll start worrying when they start nicking motorists for using mobiles...

banned said...

I'd be quite happy if local authorities started persecuting those twats who fail to enter a yellow box when turning right, leaving me stuck behing the Stop line as they nip across on the amber.
They should be shot and strung up on the traffic light gantry as a warning to others.

Barman said...

I'd be quite happy if local authorities started persecuting those twats who fail to enter a yellow box when turning right

That is fine... but it will be your word against the jobsworth trying to get his daily quota when the fixed-penalty ticket arrives on your doormat...

It is bound to be a 'guilty unless you can prove otherwise' system...