Sunday, August 5, 2012

Envy or spite, socialism in a nutshell

The poster pin up for socialism (aka Frankie Boyle tax evader) has decided that the socialist Olympic sports fest is a good target for his vile commentary. I know humour is subjective, but there are a few targets that perhaps you should avoid, or in the case of socialism and its (supposed) equality/gender/multiculturalism beliefs should avoid altogether.
VILE Frankie Boyle was at the centre of another Twitter storm of outrage last night after sending a “rape” joke about Victoria Pendleton to his 800,000 followers.
The loud-mouthed comedian has already caused offence during the Olympics by tweeting tasteless comments about swimmer Rebecca Adlington and cycling hero Bradley Wiggins.
Anti-violence charities said last night that his latest outburst marked a “revolting” new low.
Boyle tweeted: “Victoria can lift twice her own bodyweight. Sexy, as it means she still wouldn’t be able to throw me off.”
Unrepentant, he also unleashed a stream of “jokes” and expletives about track athlete Jessica Ennis.
Can you imagine the sheer bile and outrage that would have erupted from the left if say a 'right winger' (or should that read ordinary person) made such jokes or even heaven forfend, posted them up on that left wing bastion of the hard of thinking twitter? Arrests would surely follow, thousands would get in on the act by lambasting the perpetrator and announcing his real name and address to the world to allow for summary justice.
But no, all we get is an embarrassing silence from the left and the odd muttering of 'well yeah, but, he's an on the edge comedian' I can only presume that they mean he doesn't mention 'Thatcher' in every second sentence like the tired old leftist comedians beloved by the BBC do.
Still, I doubt they'll do anything, he's 'one of them' a warrior leading the charge for socialist values and he says the odd thing about injustice etc whilst squirrelling his money away off shore for his own use, something ordinary folks can't afford to do.
Socialism at times is just hypocrisy writ large...

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Ann said...

Well said QM, excellent post, socialists are hypocritical scum.