Monday, August 13, 2012


I'm not quite sure just what it is that makes people want to dress up in Nazi uniforms, other than the fact that they look way cooler than the rest of the WW2 regalia of the allies and others. I think it might have to do with the fact that they were designed by Hugo Boss whereas the rest all look like they were designed by the committee that designed the camel.
Still I do understand why certain Jewish groups would get upset when people do, though I don't believe they should attempt to stop it, merely avoid it. However I'm at a loss as to why anyone else would object, though naturally there are elements on the left who object to anything...
War enthusiasts cause outrage after parading through streets in Nazi uniforms and flying swastika flags from their cars
  • The incident happened at the Yanks festival in Uppermill near Manchester
  • War enthusiasts donned Nazi uniforms and drove through in cars with Nazi flags attached
  • Jewish and anti-fascism groups brand it offensive
A row has broken out after war enthusiasts took to the streets in Nazi uniforms and flying swastikas from their cars.
Jewish leaders and anti-fascism campaigners have berated festival-goers near Saddleworth, Greater Manchester, who went through the centre of the village of Uppermill proudly carrying the Nazi symbol.
Hundreds attended the Yanks festival last weekend, with many thrilled to dress up and re-create the 1940s for a few days.
But organisers say they cannot stop people wearing Nazi insignia on a public street and insist their own strict code of conduct bans them.
Although they said anyone spotted with anything Nazi-related trying to get into their event at Saddleworth School was asked to remove it.
But campaign group Unite Against Fascism called for the public to protest and said it was unacceptable.
Now, first off people ought to realise that there were two sides to WW2 (and any number of alliances) and that pretending the opposing side doesn't exist is just a tad silly, that includes all aspects of the opposing side too.
Also no-one is making the Jewish groups actually go there and witness the event, which is simply a historical re-enactment on a grand scale.
As for Unite Against Fascism, these are the people who would ban free speech, freedom of expression, frequently turn out when various groups whom they don't approve of legally protest and attempt to violently prevent this. So when looking at the UAF and comparing it to fascism, you'd be wondering just who exactly the fascists are, not that easy to tell them apart.
To most people, this is just a bit of fun, yes they realise just how terrible the Nazi's were, however seeing some people wandering around in Nazi uniforms is not going to turn them into Nazi's, no matter how hard the idiots on the left believe it might. I rather suspect that this is simply something that those groups who hate any form of freedom of expression love as it gives them a bit of free publicity.
A lot of people particularly those of an authoritarian bent seem to forget that freedom if it means anything should allow for views and opinions opposed to your own, including historical ones.

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Anonymous said...

Yes the guy has "SS" number plates on his car and a swastika flag on the left mudguard.

He isn't in anything resembling SS regalia and as for his female companion on the machine gun she's certainly not dressed like anything from Germany WWII.

The event organizers even said anyone in an SS uniform would be expelled.

I don't see any deathshead insignia in the picture.