Saturday, August 25, 2012

A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate.

Well Breivik was declared sane by a Norwegian court and sentenced to 21 years, which means that if he behaves he might be eligible for parole in 11 years. Assuming the Norwegians are daft enough to do so. There has been much outcry and anguish from the families of the victims and much of the left over the lightness of the sentence. But as this is a direct result of socialist/liberalist so called compassion and tinkering with the justice systems of the West they really have no grounds for complaint when it comes back to bite them on the arse.
Breivik was no doubt a monster, though it's somewhat hypocritical of the left (or indeed Breivik) to somehow portray him as tight wing, though there are still attempts by the hard of thinking left to tie him into the EDL who until the massacre had never heard of the guy or his manifesto either. One of the more amusing things though has been the lefts conviction that somehow nationalist groups will adopt Breivik as some sort of icon whereas most of the nationalist groups regard him as some sort of nutter.
Then again the left have a history of adopting mass murderers as icons, so I suppose we should not be too surprised. After all even trade union reps such as Denis Doody, a national executive council member of the Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians had a poster of Che Guevara on his office wall in Wakefield and frequently travels to Cuba to support the regime there.
Yet Che Guevara killed (murdered) 180 documented victims during his days as a revolutionary until he got some of his own medicine by Bolivian troops. The post title is one of Che's best remembered quotes too. Breivik was a rank amateur compared to Che, he only murdered 77.
Seems it's only the cause that matters, had Breivik attacked say a gathering of nationalists many of the left would be hailing him as some sort of hero. Doubt me? Take a look at the occasional comment they make over Margaret Thatcher to see the sort of mindset they have.

Whoops not a right wing salute
The organised left are hypocrites of the highest order when they criticise Breivik, they have done far worse in their time and laud their own mass murderers as some sort of icon to be emulated. They should perhaps be thankful that the nationalist movements the world over are far more civilised...

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Mandela did at least see later that violence wasn't the answer. Somehow I don't think that if Che had lived longer he would have gone down the same path. Mao kept going on murdering, so did Stalin, so did Lenin, so did a whole host of others.

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Did Mandela ever repent of his support of violence? Did Mandela ever appear before the Truth & Reconciliation farce? that he set up

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Two comments made on Beeb Radio by Norwegian liberals
"The court might declare him clinically sane but he remains politically insane" WTF does that mean?

"However abhorent his views about mutliculturalism/immigration the fact remains that others also hold those views and we should now pay attention to them" Which is something of a result.

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Where is this hard left you refer to? I cant't find them anywhere in Scotland so can you point me in their direction, please.
Yours gratefully,

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My goodness Sum1 haven't you looked at the west coast Labour and the idiots there in the party? They're quite notorious.