Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yet the 'left' still defend them

It seems the EDL are hitting a few nerves here and there with their campaign against the Islamic barbarians living in our midst. Whilst there have been a few incidents involving EDL members in the past including some violent ones, troublemakers have never been welcome at EDL demo's and the organisation has done its best to weed them out via strict and effective stewarding along with setting out its views with its mission statement. Still the MSM along with various 'leftist' groups including all the mainstream political parties as well as trades unions have always without fail tried to make out the EDL to be the villains of the piece despite the ongoing efforts of jihadists worldwide to disprove the case against the EDL.
Counter-terror police were yesterday investigating whether two men found with a bomb in their car were on their way to attack an English Defence League rally.
They discovered the Afghanistan-style explosive device by sheer chance when they pulled over the vehicle on the M1.
Also hidden in the boot were two guns, ammunition and leaflets warning “infidels” not to follow the EDL, David Cameron and the Queen.
One theory is the two male occupants were planning to bomb a march by the notorious anti-Islamic group taking place just hours after they were stopped.
Officers only discovered the guns and bomb two days after impounding the car for having no insurance last Saturday.
By then police had already let the driver and passenger go.
So far six men have been arrested over this incident, all from Birmingham and all (not surprisingly) from that area of Birmingham that the police removed the cctv camera's from after Islamic protests about them being victimised.
Had these men succeeded, not only would the patriots from the EDL suffered, including despite the claims of the MSM and leftoids men, women and children, but police would possibly have been murdered along with innocent bystanders, though to most Islamics there are no 'innocents' amongst the 'kaffirs' it's simply a case of them and us. The EDL have for years now stated that Islamist's are a growing threat to the safety of the people of the UK including their own fellow Muslims, for that the EDL were derided and called thugs by the MSM and those in authority and on the left. Even this weekend when the EDL march in Bristol, the left will be out there to oppose them, despite the fact that the EDL have never tried to bomb anyone. Yet you know the left will stand shoulder to shoulder with child abusers, potential murderous bombers and religious fanatics, it's what they do.
Even in the article the Mirror tries to somehow twist the facts that the EDL are somehow to blame for being the prospective target of these barbarians.
Sooner or later this campaign of vilification of law abiding concerned citizens will backfire on the MSM and its support for Islamists. There is no place for Islam in a civilised society, I'm also coming rapidly to the opinion that there's no place for socialism in a civilised society either.

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Anonymous said...

So let me get this right.

"Smoke" seen on coach on M6 and the Keystone Cops close it for hours and treat the passengers dreadfully.

No insurance for a car on M1 with two underpants-grade dumb terrorists in it who fit the profile of both yer-actual terrorists and common or garden criminals. And they let them go without searching the car.