Monday, July 23, 2012

Guaranteed Greed

The government are still obsessed with getting as much of our cash out of us as possible with the green energy scam. They won't guarantee prices and with the current policy in place as designed by an ignorant 'Friends of the Earth' fanatic look set to wreck the UK's economy with impossible carbon reduction targets. (all for our own good no doubt)
Households will pay too much for their electricity bills because of the Coalition’s botched energy reforms, MPs have warned.
The Commons energy and climate change committee found that plans to encourage companies to build wind farms and nuclear plants were too expensive and executed poorly. Under the reforms, households would subsidise the construction of low-carbon power plants through their energy bills.
The Government would fix the price of electricity in an attempt to make it affordable.
It will raise the cost of bills by about £100 over the next decade, according to Government estimates
However, the Treasury has backed out of providing an official state guarantee for the reforms, meaning it will cost more for companies to borrow money to fund the projects.
MPs said this would raise the price of building power stations and wind farms, which could “impose unnecessary costs on consumers”.
Essentially this means the government are hell bent on bucking the market with regard to cheap reliable energy production and asking us to pay out on expensive (nuclear) and unreliable (wind and solar) energy projects. Completely ignoring shale gas production which has lowered prices in the USA on the grounds that according to environmentalists (not engineers or geologists) it will cause earthquakes and probably will see Blackpool slip into the sea. This is despite solid evidence that Earth tremors happen all the time in the UK and so far the test drills have not increased tectonic activity in the slightest.
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for looking after the environment, but the only way we can really do that is if the country has an economy to pay for it and the current energy supply program instituted by ignorant politicians and enviroloonies will destroy the economy and wreck the wealth of the nation. Not that I expect them to do anything about it until it's probably too late. Our children and grandchildren will pay the price of the politicians and environmentalists mad gamble with renewable energy, we on the otherhand have the opportunity to freeze to death on cold winters days unable to pay the bills anymore.
Hang them all!

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johnd2008 said...

Cheap gas and Blackpool in the sea, What is wrong with that?