Wednesday, July 18, 2012


What would you make of someone who objected to you using a premises for a purpose and deliberately lied in their objections? I suspect a visit from the compo fairy might be in order, however the complications could start if the objector was in fact a member of the police.
Police have admitted that they do not have any evidence to support a claim that lap dancing clubs may contribute to sex offences.
Insp Ian Drummond-Smith, from Devon and Cornwall Police, made his claim in a letter to Cornwall Council in March.
He was objecting to an application to open a new lap dancing club in Newquay.
But, in response to a Freedom of Information (FoI) request for evidence, the force said there was "no recorded information held".
The application for a lap dancing licence at the Kiss nightclub was refused permission in May after the inspector's objections were received by the council's licensing committee.
The FoI request asked what evidence he had for a claim in the letter that "those leaving the premises having been subject to highly sexualised performances may be at greater risk of committing sexual offences". Mr Drummond-Smith said: "I cannot prove any link, nor did I claim to prove any link. "I said at the beginning of the hearing that we could not prove it.
Yet still the ban went ahead because of the police objections, despite the fact that there was no evidence other than the 'ambiguous' wording of a police inspector. Yes there was a higher-than-average number of sex offences in the area, though none of this could be laid at the door of the lap dancing club.
"I will concede that the letter was a bit ambiguous, but I still believe it is an inappropriate place to have a sex club in an area which already has a higher-than-average number of sex offences."
He said: "If I had had figures, I would have put them in, but it's still my view that it would have been inappropriate in a mixed area with houses, a shopping centre and churches."
Well that makes it all right then I suppose, despite the lack of any evidence on your part and merely the belief that such a club had no place where it was located.
Don't get me wrong here, I believe that everyone has the right to object, it's just that I believe the evidence provided by a lying Police Inspector might have carried far more weight than say something presented by you or I.
Perhaps a visit from the compo fairy is warranted after all, along with the sack for a lying Police Inspector...

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