Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spreading the blame

I suppose it was inevitable that the powers that be seeing an attack (justifiably) on their pet Islamics that they couldn't brush under the carpet sought to shift the blame onto communities as a whole. So instead of concentrating on the mass sexual exploitation of young girls by Pakistani males, we're now supposed to look out for the mass sexual exploitation of young girls by... Well apparently by just about everyone.
The Deputy Children’s Commissioner, who has been gathering evidence ahead of a report due in September, shocked MPs as she detailed the scale of the problem and gave graphic illustrations of what is being done to children in communities across England.
She said that although the Rochdale case involved one particular “pattern” of men from one ethnic background abusing girls from another, these different around the country.
“What I am finding, I regret to say, is that there are parts of every single community – white, Pakistani, Afghan, Gypsy and Romany traveller, you name it – who are seeing children as easy access in terms of sexual exploitation. In terms of victims, we are seeing the same kind of profile.”
In London, black gangs were attacking black children while on an estate in the north of England, white men were pursuing white girls.
Mrs Berelowitz agreed the vast majority of people in each area were horrified by what was happening, but added: “There are always horrible people within every community who will take every opportunity to hurt children, but they are a minority.”
Doe sexual abuse of children go on? Yes, sadly it does, does it go on in all communities? Yes sadly it does. Is it carried out on a factory scale by certain elements in every community? Well, no, frankly the evidence isn't really there to suggest it does, save only in one community, that of Muslim Pakistani males.Which is what makes this report so dangerous as it will fuel denials for the Pakistani community that it is a problem specific to them followed by the usual 'et tu' defence when they are finally pinned on it.
What the powers that be are doing is attempting to shift the blame from Islamics onto other communities, where there might be a problem, however that problem judging by a quick check of the headlines is few and far between.
After all, think for a minute, if there were mass sexual abuse of young girls by white 'English' on any estate, town, or city in the UK do you not think we'd have heard about it? How no stone would be left unturned until those who had perpetrated this outrage upon society had been brought to book?
I recall no such evidence, I recall no such headlines.
I suspect we're being played for fools again.

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James Higham said...

I think it doesn't hurt to be in the news though, hysteria or no hysteria.

Tarker the Paedo-spotter said...

Sexual predators in every village? Well now, I shall look at my neighbours here in Little Walloping on the Hyde with renewed interest...