Thursday, June 7, 2012

An ongoing outrage

It's only taken twenty years to highlight the problems of grooming young girls by male Muslims of Pakistani descent. It would still be going on without the efforts from patriotic and nationalist groups to highlight this abuse. Even now the state still attempts to accuse such groups of racism and extremism and would still be attempting to use its agents to cover up the story if it could.
Social workers knew for six years that a teenage mother, murdered for bringing shame on the families of two Pakistani men who had used her for sex, was at clear risk from predatory Asian gangs.
Laura Wilson, 17, from Rotherham had been groomed by a string of British Pakistanis before she was stabbed and thrown into a canal to die for informing her abusers' families of the sexual relationships.
Her killer Ashtiaq Asghar, who was 18 at the time, was given a life sentence and will serve a minimum of 17-and-a-half years after he pleaded guilty to murdering Laura in October 2010.
But it has now emerged that Rotherham County Council's social services were well aware she was at risk and had received information about certain adults suspected of targeting her from the age of 11.
Last week the council's Safeguarding Children Board published a serious case review but key passages which reveal they knew she was at particular risk from 'Asian men' had been blocked out with black lines. 
There's that 'Asian men' line again, which is code for Muslim males of Pakistani descent. Even now despite the complaints from various other 'Asians' about the MSM and the powers that be's use of the catch all term.
The only reason I can see for social services allowing this abuse and hiding it away from the rest of us is that a) They thought it might be construed as racist and b) It was 'cultural' and the politically correct thing to do was ignore it.
Problem being it is cultural and the majority culture and the vast majority of minority cultures find it abhorrent to say the least. Yet the state and the servants of the state tried to cover it up even encouraging more immigration from this subculture and giving it protected status from criticism from the majority mainstream despite its appalling record of misogyny, terrorism, cruelty and sheer barbarism.
There is no place for people in this country who abuse young girls, systematically or individually, there is no room for their religion which condones it and no room for those who believe that hiding the truth is the way to deal with it.
Sooner or later if this matter is not resolved properly and the rug lifted to expose the dirt and corruption there will be a bloodbath of a revolution.
Mark my words.

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DerekP said...

"the state and the servants of the state tried to cover it up even encouraging more immigration from this subculture and giving it protected status from criticism from the majority mainstream despite its appalling record of misogyny, terrorism, cruelty and sheer barbarism"

Remind Milibland very LOUDLY, when he tries to use the English as a political tool, that HE and the NuLiebore government:
- decided to change the ethnic make-up of England by bulk-importing child-rapists;
- permitted the wholesale rape of young English girls for many years;
- gave privilege status to these criminals so violating English justice;
- even now NuLiebore conduct anti-English propaganda against those who marched in outrage at these crimes.

Cast-Iron Dave, of course, did nothing except support UAF, the same UAF which we now see trying to stop patriots marching, the same UAF trying to protect the privileged society of child-rapists.

Barnacle Bill said...

I shall never forgive nuLabor for what they did to my country; as long as I breathe I shall take every opportunity to remind others of their treachery.

Anonymous said...

What Bill said +1000.

banned said...

20 odd years ago after I had left Luton I heard that one of a pair of Pakistani 'boys' that I had the misfortune to be aquainted with was convicted of rape (victim underage? dunno).
He had his legs broken in prison, my heart wept for him :).

Durotrigan said...

Reading of yet another case of preventable barbarism, this time resulting in murder, a feeling of intense nausea wells up owing not only to the dreadfulness of this crime, but also due to the fact that those who wilfully abandoned this girl to an untimely death for the sake of political correctness will still be pushing 'diversity' and 'cultural sensitivity' training in the local council and social services. The 'diversity' mantra and its attendant rotten ideological superstructure must be highlighted for the inhuman falsehood that they embody, torn to shreds and removed forever.

It is only a matter of time before we successfully rid ourselves of this mental canker and its legislative embodiment, but it is going to be a hard slog. However, its removal must be accomplished, irrespective of any personal hardships, baseless slurs upon our characters and insinuations about our motives that we will doubtless have to endure in the process. We can and we will achieve this through a combination of peaceful campaigning and political means, and those who supported the shameful ideology that has allowed these crimes to flourish will be compelled to confront the ugly reality that their quest for ideological purity has spawned.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure we will change that multi cultural horseshit we have had foisted on us - but one can live in hope.

Should we all should call Yorkshire Police and report the alleged hate crime committed by this particular scumbags scummy mother! Demanding a thorough thought police style investigation.