Sunday, June 3, 2012

Not my flag, not my country

I know this is going to come across as churlish, petty and grumpy. But seriously, I cannot give a damn about the diamond jubilee. A straw poll just looking around the estate where I live suggests that the only people here who are remotely interested are old people (60+) and young kids who got it force fed at school, even they're just holding a small flag, no bunting, no parties. Unlike the silver jubilee celebrations which I remember rather better.
Part of the problem for me, specifically, is that I no longer recognise myself as British, nor the Union flag as my own, yes it incorporates my flag, but it doesn't mean a great deal to me these days unlike the Cross of St George flag, which I feel far better represents an ideal or imagery with which I'm comfortable.
I didn't lose my pride in the UK, it was stolen from me by successive governments, who took Britishness and denigrated it, sold it off to the EU, allowed unrestricted and uncontrolled immigration and worse, failed to ensure the immigrants integrated, yet allowed them to claim the pre noun of British tagged onto that which they considered themselves to be. British-Pakistani being but one example.
There was also the attitude of the 'British' establishment who were prepared to allow other components of the UK their own parliaments and celebrate their national identities whilst denying me my own. English to them equalled British, still does too. Yet they are perfectly happy for Scots to be Scots and Welsh to be Welsh.
Yet to be English is to be identified by the state as violent, racist, bigoted and altogether beyond the pale.
Jack Straw:
The English are potentially very aggressive, very violent. We have used this propensity to violence to subjugate Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Then we used it in Europe and with our empire, so I think what you have within the UK is three small nations...who've been over the centuries under the cosh of the English.
Utter bollocks of course, but pretty much par for the course in the thinking of the establishment in which it's ok to mention any other country by name except England. David Cameron in his "there's Scottish blood flowing through my veins" speech mentioned the USA and Scotland, but England was reduced to "our country", "the whole country" and "this country"
When the English question government policy on immigration.
Gordon Brown has apologised after being caught on microphone describing a voter he had just spoken to in Rochdale as a "bigoted woman".
Sixty-five-year-old Gillian Duffy had challenged Mr Brown on a number of issues including immigration and crime.
The authorities praise 'ethnic' communities for defending their areas during the London riots.
Dan Hannan.
The Turkish shopkeepers and restaurateurs who patrolled Dalston, the Sikhs who stood with drawn swords before their temple, are reacting as generations of British people reacted in similar circumstances. Rather than simply whining about the failure of the state, they took responsibility. It would obviously have been better had they not been forced into this position; but, finding themselves there, they acquitted themselves rather heroically.
 yet when the English did the same?
Dozens of officers have kettled around 300 people outside the McDonalds restaurant on Eltham High Street, which escaped the widespread rioting seen elsewhere in south east London last night.
So the 'British' choose to ignore my country, consider me a bigoted,violent, racist yet expect me to join the celebrations for the British Monarch?
Not that I have a major issue with the Monarchy, I respect the Queen, like Prince Philip, Like Princess Anne and respect Prince Harry. The rest I wouldn't miss, care little for and in the case of Prince Charles hold in utter contempt.
Sadly all the state and the powers that be over the last 35 years have done is place me in the position where the only British thing about me is my passport (and I'd change that if I could)
I simply don't care any more, I want the British out of my country, I'm sick of the English being under foreign rule.

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Anonymous said...

Well here in Dundee it might as well not be happening. Even old people I've talked to, except one extremely dim neighbour who would believe it if you told her that the queen was a god, want nothing to do with it.

Although Elizabeth is also Queen of Scots, she spends almost all her time in England, and we see her mainly as the Queen of England. All the celebrations, which of course we help to fund, are happening in England.

Cameron will take time off from trying to find reasons why Hunt is a... whatever he is... but James Naughtie gave us a clue... and Warsi is just like all the rest of the house of lords, a cheap little upstart on the make.

As for that f***ing flag... It's been rammed down our throats over the last few weeks. I'm sick of seeing it, but now I view it more as a marketing tool for big business than any kind of flag of the nation. It makes me sick, it and all it stands for in the fur coat and no knickers UK

As for the royals...a pile of spoilt bastards. If that barge sank I wouldn't give it a second thought. It would just be nice if she'd invite that half wit Cameron and his spoilt bitch of a beanpole wife to be on it.

Sue said...

It was the Graham Norton quip at the Eurovision that made my blood boil.

The British fans did the same as those of any other country, ie raised the national flag and cheered. Norton’s summary of the report was, "there’s the British contingent – they sound like a BNP rally".

What a nasty little shit he is.

DerekP said...

QM - well said.

Anonymous said...

***claps*** - but we will get it back one day soon.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"I know this is going to come across as churlish, petty and grumpy."

You're right.

It does.