Monday, June 25, 2012

I thought that was the point?

My thoughts generally on Scottish independence run to the lines that it's up to the Scots, I'm far more interested in English independence, though sadly no-one is suggesting we get a vote to drop out of the Union. Yet you have to wonder at the mentality of certain politicians involved in the debate.
Former UK chancellor Alistair Darling has launched the bid to keep the Union, saying there will be no way back from Scottish independence.
He compared independence to buying "a one-way ticket to send our children to a deeply uncertain destination".
Mr Darling argued Scotland could have the "best of both worlds", with a strong parliament at Holyrood and a secure place in the United Kingdom.
Bit of a no shit Sherlock moment for old badger brows there, as I thought the entire point of Scotland going alone would mean that there was no going back, I'd presume that if for some reason or other they wanted to come back that we (the rest of us) would have to be asked if we wanted them. As currently there is a majority of the English who want them to go (another reason we'll never be asked) I can see that would be a rather tricky referendum for any government. So I guess from their point of view it would be much easier for the Scots to stay and the English under no circumstances whatsoever be asked what they actually think of the Union, much easier to pretend presume we like it.
The breathtaking hypocrisy of old badger brows can also be recognised in the second  statement too when he states Scotland could have the "best of both worlds", with a strong parliament at Holyrood and a secure place in the United Kingdom. No mention of the fact that the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish all have their own parliaments with their own local MP's dealing with local devolved issues. I doubt the elephant in the room of an English parliament has ever occurred to him, or if it has then totally dismissed, he's far happier after all having the best of both worlds.
And that's really the nub of the entire Unionist argument, having the best of both worlds and to hell with what the English want. The fact that they have their own parliament, make their own decisions on what's best for them never translates into equality for all. They ignore the utter hypocrisy of non English MP's voting on English matters in the UK parliament. After all, they're all right...

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Anonymous said...

Welsh assembly, Scottish parliament, Irish Stormont, and the much-longed for – by Labour – regional assemblies (what?! You don’t know about them?) – a whole swathe of people who are indebted to B-Liar for very lucrative non-jobs. Does anyone doubt they will vote to destroy their own highly-paid sinecures? And we wonder how we ended up in such dire financial straits…

Radical Rodent