Tuesday, June 5, 2012

And so it begins...

It was almost inevitable considering the enviroloonies constant pressure against the wishes of the general public combined with the idiocy and gullibility of the political classes in believing that we'd swallow anything they told us.
A REBEL council is attempting to block the building of new wind farms in populated areas in a backlash against so-called green energy. The first such move by a county council flies in the face of David Cameron’s pledge that his Coalition is the country’s
“greenest government ever”.
Tory Lincolnshire will vote this week on proposed new planning guidance that includes a presumption that no new
turbines will be erected near homes within the authority’s boundaries.
It follows growing irritation with wind farms, which have been criticised as unsightly, noisy, expensive and inefficient.
Leader of the council Martin Hill, said: “We are not saying we are not going to have any more but we feel we have already got 75 big turbines – things above 130 metres high.
“The latest ones are the sort of size of the London Eye.
Sadly the politicians in and around Westminster running the taxgrabbing scam are as ever behind the times when it comes to what the public want and need (as opposed to what the politicians believe we want and need).
But local government at least is far more sensitive to public opinion, if only because they also feel the backlash against national policies as well as local stuff far more quickly.
What the public want is cheap, efficient and working as and when they need it, not at the vagaries of the weather and certainly not subsidised at their expense in the name of some imaginary "green" catastrophe.
Lincolnshire County Council seem to have to honour of being the first public authority to see what a tarnished brand the term 'green' has become in the eyes of the general public. I doubt they'll be the last.

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