Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oh dear God no...

I suppose it's possible for people to make a comeback, it's worked in the music/entertainment business, though the suspicion always is that the money has run out. It doesn't seem to work so well in UK politics though, particularly the higher up the tree you got, the memories involved being bitter and often repugnant of the actions of said politician...
'I'm ready for a comeback': Blair's made millions since quitting... now he wants to 're-engage with UK politics'
  • Ex-PM and wife Cherie to appear alongside Ed Miliband at an Olympics event in July... and he's already hired a spin doctor
  • He thinks enough time has passed since 2007 for people to have forgotten the Iraq war AND how he was forced out of office
  • Still has a job as Middle East peace envoy and a complex web of businesses earning millions
  • Blair's political legacy is 'debt, war, ignorance, welfare dependency and social division', says Lord Tebbit
Tony Blair has hired a new spin doctor to deflect criticism from his complex financial affairs and help him to ‘re-engage’ with British politics, it emerged today.
The former prime minister ‘has things to say’ and believes the time is right for him to make an impact on the home front after years in political exile.
Mr Blair will appear on a joint platform with Labour leader Ed Miliband in July at an event to celebrate the Olympics. His wife Cherie is also due to attend, making it a rare public outing for the Blairs together.The ex-PM is understood to believe that enough time has passed for people to have forgotten the disastrous effect of the Iraq war on his image and how he was humiliatingly forced from office by Gordon Brown.
If Blair thinks we have forgotten the legacy of "New" Labour (same as old Labour but with added spin) then he's deluding himself. Whilst I and many other bloggers are having a good go at the coagulation for their current policies on the recession, uncontrolled immigration, climate change and the EU, we haven't forgotten who and which party caused the whole damned mess in the first place. Nor have we forgotten the years of betrayal, the wars, the endless spin where everything was twisted to fit a certain narrative and people were smeared (and possibly even murdered) when their views did not fit the narrative.
Yes Blair was a master politician, he had a knack for saying the right thing at the right time, however as a leader, well he left so much to be desired in the area of principles (bit like most politicians) and looking back at his career it's a bit like follow the money, he even set his wife, a human rights lawyer, up with a nice little earner by the introduction of the Human Rights Act. His financial arrangements and friends were also not exactly kosher when opened to scrutiny either.
Still it's interesting (for a given degree of interesting) that the lacklustre Milliband is desperate enough to get Blair out to help considering the two men's political views are almost the antithesis of each other.
Still desperate times etc...

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Macheath said...

Music/entertainment? This is more like the Hollywood convention whereby the slimy alien monster you thought had been vanquished suddenly springs to life again.

And does this mean we'll have to fork out for police protection for the Blairs at this very public appearance?

The words 'insult' and 'injury' spring to mind...

Anonymous said...

Never, ever underestimate the stupidity of the majority.

I live in a town renowned for its corruption - councillors ended up in prison, yet put themselves up for re-election (which I didn't know could be done!); naturally, "the people" (who had been marching, demanding names to be shamed, though the local press didn't hold back) proved unable to vote not Labour. There will be many on this country unable to link the debacle of his 11 years in power (note: not "in office", which is the correct role) with the man (ha!) himself.

Radical Rodent

Issai said...

I'm with Anonymous on this. He got voted in three times‽

I can hear them all now..."Oh but he seems like such a nice man and very sincere."

Robert M said...

Colour blind... whether Blue, Red or Yellow.... people tow the line. I have always voted against the person in office .... why??? Because power corrupts. Greedy bastards the lot of them!!!

Captain Haddock said...

The return of Blair is about as attractive a proposition as the return of the Black Death ..