Thursday, April 5, 2012

The truth will out...

The Lib Dems are notoriously pro EU, God alone knows why, not many of us see any advantage for the UK being in the damned place, simply just an extra government throwing down costly and intrusive regulation to be passed on the nod by our feckless MP's. Still each to their own and the way that the Lib Dems implement policy (mostly on the hoof) that could (and would) change if they thought there was any mileage in it. They do however have a tendency to highlight certain unwelcome truths about the current government...
EXPLOSIVE claims by a Lib Dem Cabinet minister that the Government is more pro-European than Labour sparked fury among senior Tories last night.
David Cameron swiftly slapped down Energy Secretary Ed Davey’s claim that it would be “reckless” to rule out joining the single currency in the next few years.
Tories were angered at Mr Davey’s comments which underlined the gulf between the pro-EU Lib Dems and their coalition partners.
But one Tory eurosceptic congratulated the minister for lifting the lid on the truth about how the Government was going along with the EU project despite its rhetoric to the contrary.
Mr Davey said: “In due course, this Government might well turn out to be seen as more constructive, more engaged, indeed, more pro-European than its Labour predecessor.”
He claimed that Tories including the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary William Hague, as well as Lib Dem ministers, were taking “the old Heseltine line” that “the British national interest is served by being at the table”. In a provocatively dismissive comment, Mr Davey described the Prime Minister’s decision last December to veto a new EU treaty as something “I hope and believe will be seen as a blip”.
Well, it was a blip, something most EUsceptics knew anyway a non-veto for a non-treaty, still it's good to see the government wrongfooted by someone on the inside actually saying it how it is, even if they believe it's a good thing whilst we look at it as a condemnation. Whilst I wouldn't say it's exactly nice to have our suspicions confirmed about the Tory leaderships pseudo EUscepticism, it does confirm some things long suspected that they wish ever closer integration and ever greater loss of sovereignty.
I sincerely hope Mr Davey's dreams come crashing down, though God alone knows where the political party or the political will to do so will come from UKIP for all their anti-EU stance and the rhetoric of their leader are highly disorganised at ground level and the BNP are currently going through yet another civil war. Not a single one of the mainstream parties is even remotely interested in taking us out and only occasionally dangle what they believe to be a carrot of a referendum on EU membership when they think it suits them, knowing full well that it's unlikely that we'll vote to leave with the EU bribing the populace to stay in and the politicians hearts not being in it.
No, what is needed is for a party to be elected on a pledge to take us out, no votes save in parliament and a time scale set up for an ordered withdrawal.
With this current lot of MP's though, I wouldn't hold your breath on such an outcome...

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DerekP said...

"...simply just an extra government throwing down costly and intrusive regulation to be passed on the nod..."

Which is exactly what a Conservative party should be against.

Even if the Tories thought that there was a long term interest (for the UK, not themselves - says a lot that this has to be spelled out nowadays) in being in the EU they should be acting to reduce the size and cost of government, and making it more accountable to the public.

Such accountability, with modern communications technology, is now low cost; and compared to past dependence on polls and focus groups would be a massive step forward in communicating the intent and support of the British public (currently left with only the low election turn-out to indicate massive dissatisfaction).

Instead, the LibLabCon greedily lobbying itself with our money, forces onto us policies only they, the EU and a few other dictatorial intolerants want. Deliberately selected narrow focus groups are now simply a means of checking how well Government-lobbying-Government is working for them against us.

Our communications are to be monitored, but they are not listening to what we want to tell them.

So the Tories are now simply a slower version of New Labour, which is to be expected, I suppose, in a party which selected Call-Me-Bliar2 as its leader.

StourbridgeRantBoy said...

He's go a mixed background with paternal links to Russia and the Ukraine, a Dutch mother and a Spanish wife and is multi-lingual maybe that's why he is so keen ! Oh and i'll bet he's all for bailing Spain out....when the begging bowl gets shaken.

Laurie -