Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tears of a clown

Ken (tax avoider) Livingstone the arch hypocrite of the London mayoral race apparently did an election broadcast where he got all tearful at the praise he received from "ordinary" Londoners for his policies and manifesto. Lot of people got suspicious at this point and suspected he was play acting...
KEN LIVINGSTONE, who wept while listening to “ordinary” Londoners support him at the launch of his mayoral election broadcast, has admitted it was all a clever PR stunt.
Labour’s candidate, 66, confessed yesterday they were activists reading ad agency scripts.
But his spokesman said the tears were genuine. “He does get moved,” he said. 
Not really too surprising, Labour do have form for this after all and it was a tad suspicious the gushing compliments anyway, anyone who has had to live under Labour rarely gets that worked up about their generally disastrous policies at the best of times. Still, what kind of person gets genuinely moved over their own propaganda?
Mind you, this is the Ken Livingstone who wants to make London a beacon for Islam, despite the wishes of the majority of people in the city who already think it's a bit of a beacon for them anyway, certainly seems to attract more than its fair share of them to the profound relief of certain parts of the country. This is the same "quaint" group that threatens shop assistants for not covering up, puts up anti-gay stickers, declares shariah controlled zones and wants to turn the UK into the kind of hell hole that Muslims generally try to get away from. He also apparently wants to give them more money or at least make their lives a bit easier financially. Which I suspect comes down to the same sort of thing.
They say that people generally get the government or the leaders they deserve...
I don't think anyone deserves Ken Livingstone as a mayor.

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