Tuesday, April 24, 2012


In a hysterically funny (for a given value of hysterically funny) announcement Lee Jasper declared to the world as Jo Brand did that black people cannot be racist. They apparently can hold prejudiced views, but that shouldn't be ascribed as racism.
Ken Livingstone's former race adviser Lee Jasper has claimed that “no black person in the UK can be racist”.
Mr Jasper, an equal rights campaigner and activist, said that while black Britons may hold prejudiced views, they should not be described as racist.
The 53 year-old was forced to resign as senior policy adviser on equalities to Mr Livingstone, who was then mayor of London, in March 2008 over allegations of cronyism. Leaked emails showed that he had exchanged highly flirtatious messages with a married mother of three, whose projects received £100,000 from City Hall on his recommendation.
In one email, he told the woman that he wanted to “whisk her away to a deserted beach and honey-glaze her”. Mr Jasper, who is now the chairman of the campaign group Black Activists Rising Against Cuts, took to Twitter yesterday to complain about the number of black youths being jailed.
Using the hashtag “sackboris2012”, Mr Jasper asked: “Which mayor has seen the number of black youth going to jail in London increase by 100 per cent during his term?”
His comment prompted a bitter war of words on Twitter between him and Ahzaz Chowdhury, a former adviser to the Conservatives in Tower Hamlets, east London. Mr Jasper went on to say: “Institutional racism in the criminal justice means black citizens face discrimination.”
Mr Chowdhury asked: “So you yourself could never be a racist?”
Mr Jasper answered: “Why is it African activists like me seem to attract public political criticism from Asian men? Don’t see Africans attacking Asian activists? You’re confused about the political reality and power dynamics of racism.
“No black person in the UK can be racist. Racism is prejudice plus power. Black people can be prejudiced but not racist.”
So there you have it, when 4 drunken Somali girls are beating up a white woman calling her a white bitch, they aren't racist in Jasper's eyes (or the courts apparently) but when a white woman mouths off on a tram train telling other passengers to go back to where they come from (just words no violence) she's incarcerated without bail and had her child removed and faces a Crown Court trial later this year.
The question is, how are we ever going to get any form of equality whilst the state elevates obvious racists like Lee jasper into positions of power. For yes, that is what Lee jasper clearly is if he cannot recognise that racism touches all and affects all. It's like a self hating infection within the white political classes and is being fostered in the non white communities too. Aided and encouraged by multicultural and non-integrationalist policies from the liberal left.
All Lee jasper has done is confirmed in the eyes of the many that there is a two tier system in place fostering prejudice and racism against whites by the minority political classes and some in their communities and which is enforced by the judiciary and the political class themselves, the so called powers that be.
Eventually though this will lead to the very situation they want to avoid where people will decide that if the state thinks them to be a racist, they'll vote for a party which will tell them they aren't and will look after their rights.
There is no place in a civilised society for people like Lee Jasper or even Jo Brand. Yet we have them telling the majority that non whites cannot be racist but the rest of us are in similar circumstances...
This cannot go on without violence...

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andy said...

It pains me to say this but I have become a terrible racist over the last few years,I know several good and honest Black and Asian people that I count as good friends but as my eyes slowly opened and I realised just how we whites are seen by the immigrants in this, OUR OWN LAND,I see them as an aberrant minority not representitive of their people as a whole.

Martin said...

You can see where Grasper gets it from. Almost identical wording!


Oldrightie said...

Well said AOAQM and Andy.

Anonymous said...

What Andy says.
Lee Jasper - what a cock.

Durotrigan said...

Jasper is an ignorant pest, and of course, an anti-white racist. As such, he should be kicked out of the country for good along with all the others who subscribe to his anti-white, anti-British and anti-English ideology.