Saturday, April 21, 2012

The number of the beast...

Well you can't let a good opportunity pass when it comes to a blog heading now can you and this news is particularly apt...
EUROCRATS are to demand an extra £900million from taxpayers next year, taking the annual cost of EU membership to £666 for every family in Britain.
Brussels was accused of gross ­hypocrisy for planning what one critic branded a “disgusting” cash grab while demanding swingeing austerity ­measures across Europe.
Yesterday the UK signalled it would press for restraint but no single country can veto the EU Commission’s annual budget, meaning the Government would have to build alliances with other like-minded governments to win a vote to block an eye-watering hike.
The Commission’s draft budget for 2013 is understood to propose a “substantial” seven per cent, £7.4billion, increase in spending power from this year’s budget of 129.1billion euros, or around £107billion. The percentage rise would be double Britain’s latest inflation rate and more than four per cent above the EU’s cost of living increase.
And it would raise the cost of EU membership for Britain – which ­contributes 12.4 per cent net of the Brussels budget – by £898million next year to £14billion.
Always nice to know where you stand isn't it? Though it gives me no pleasure to be in this position or read that the politicians who are supposed to be fighting for us are simply planning to ask for "restraint" rather than a more apt "bye, bye, thanks for nothing".
Sadly not one of the mainstream parties has the balls to tell the EU where to get off, the Lib Dems practically orgasm over the whole edifice such is their love affair with the EU. The Tories and Labour leadership both control their parties and both support ever greater integration into the EU, which simply turns around and keeps asking for more and now we can't even simply veto it.
More than ever we need to be starving the beast, do not vote mainstream, oppose state funding of political parties, get out there and get active.
Also we must never fall into the trap of asking for a referendum, the EU has a history of cheating, bribing and spending millions on its own propaganda, they also don't take no for an answer either, just ask the Irish.
Can we please just leave? Anyone?

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