Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Money for nothing (and your chicks for free?)

There really is something wrong with a society that pays people to do a job then lets them get away with not doing it. It was Guido who first alerted me and others to the problem of Union Pilgrims and the drain on our taxes and rates that they represent. The squeals from the unions after having been caught with their fingers in the till were of no moment, these people do not represent value for money for the taxpayer and if the unions want full time members then it's up to them to pay for them, not you and not I.
AT LEAST £13million of taxpayers’ cash has been used by councils to pay teaching union officials who are now threatening strike action.
Figures released under Freedom of Information laws yesterday show councils pay more than 360 staff to work full time for the NUT, NASUWT or ATL.
The total bill for union organisers, whose duties could include planning strike action, is £13.3million a year. Of the 152 councils asked about staff with union duties, 120 responded.
The figures are based on their responses, calculated as if across all of them.
Tory MP Gavin Williamson said: “Taxpayers will be angry at the prospect of more unjustified industrial action.
“Irresponsible union leaders and their taxpayer funded helpers should think again.”
The details emerged as the NUT’s annual conference in Torquay passed a resolution calling for “mass resistance” to plans for regional pay rates.
 So, not only are we paying for some of them to do nothing but union business, they are planning mass disruption which will no doubt cost parents (and taxpayers) a lot of cash as well as they have to work around the disruption. I've also a sneaking suspicion that the ordinary members really haven't a clue as to what they'd be protesting about, especially as ordinary people would have been unlikely to be at the NUT, NASUWT or ATL conferences, just moronic leftist activists (some no doubt paid for out of our pockets) Don't get me wrong, I've nothing against unions in general, so long as they keep to their role in negotiating for their members, I'm just as pissed as hell that they somehow feel that they are justified in taking my money to pay twice for someone to work full time for them and another to do the job they are supposed too!
They want full time members then they should adjust their duties to their members to reflect this and see how many members they keep. They should never ever get a single penny from taxpayers and ratepayers to do it.

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DerekP said...

How complicit were NuLiebore governments, and senior Civil Servants (Local Govt and Central)?

Complicit in what appears to be a multi-million pound scam on the Public.

And did the Tory Opposition (almost have to laugh at the title 'Opposition') go along with this, bearing in mind UAF-supporting Call-Me-Bliar2 also continues to supply millions of taxpayers' cash to the Unions:

"Jonathan Isaby: The subsidy from the taxpayer to the unions is at least £113 million. This has to stop."


Anonymous said...

This is one of the things the Tories promised they would deal with. And they have done nothing but waffle.