Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm struggling to see why we should give a damn

The Human Rights Act, one of the bane's of the legal system strangling common sense in the UK, introduced by Tony Blair to give his Mrs a nice little earner and since then been used as an excuse for every criminal facing deportation to avoid being told to sling their hook in case the place they are being deported too will torture or kill them.
ONE of Britain’s most senior judges voiced his anger ­yesterday after hearing how a terrorist convicted of an ­airport bombing got thrown out of France but was able to find refuge here.
Britain has been forced to look after the ­Algerian for more than a ­decade because he cannot be sent home to face the death penalty.
Now the man, identified only as AH in court, is using thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money fighting for asylum as he is technically stateless.
Appeal Court judge Lord Justice Alan Ward revealed his bewilderment that he got into Britain after his ejection from France. He said: “It may seem astonishing to many that the French courts were able to seek to exclude this appellant but that the United Kingdom may be obliged to tolerate his presence in our midst. How could that come about?”
Tory MP Peter Bone last night hit out at the “absurd” situation. He said: “How we let this man into the country in the first place is beyond my comprehension.
“People are fed up to the back teeth with terrorists coming to this country and being allowed to stay here. We should deport these people first and worry about the consequences later.”
Well Tory MP Peter Bone, I've got news for you, you politicians brought this about when you decided that the rights of criminal scum were just as valuable as their victims.Granted it happened under a Labour government, but under the EU it would have come about anyway. And no, I don't give a damn about AH's life expectancy if he's returned to Algeria either, same as I don't care if Abu Qatada is deported to Jordan and might be tortured. They aren't UK subjects, they are wanted abroad to face trial or to face justice on terrorism charges and frankly because they are not UK subjects we should not be keeping them here on benefits. Asylum should be granted to those who face the wrath of another government so long as what they are accused of cannot be proven in a UK court. That means we take in those facing persecution, not those facing persecution because they are mass murderers or have attempted to use terrorism as a means to overthrow a state. There is a fine line to be trod to be sure, but those accused of having blown up an airport are not on the right side of it and never should be.
If Algeria wants to hang him then so be it.

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Barman said...

Excellent - Agree 100%

Anonymous said...

and after a bit of bluster, Peter Bone will remain within the Conservative fold preparing the next little joke about his mrs.

wiggiatlarge said...

Strange that Italy deports terrorists and to hell with the 'consequences' as the ECHR said on their latest returnee, there's little we can do after the event! so why do we worry, some mistaken form of righteousness over common sense?

DerekP said...

So, other countries' violent criminals will be eager to come to the UK, in order to evade their own countries' harsh but legal punishments.

The UK judges' interpretation of the ECHR = criminals' rights outweigh the rights of the ordinary citizen; and ordinary citizens should pay for the foreign criminals' very expensive legal defence?

Yet European Arrest Warrants can be used to remove UK citizens at a whim?

Sounds like the 'scales of justice' are using dodgy weights, as a scam for the legal 'profession' to milk the public purse, while putting British people at risk.

Is it any wonder UK judges refuse to jail violent offenders, but are very quick to imprison those who speak out in 'the wrong way'?

Not only do we need to change our politicians (should that be charge our politicians?), we also need to remove our senior 'Civil Servants' and judges who impement and enforce such anti-British rulings.

Sen Dembach said...

Even if he HAD been deported it wouldn't make any difference to the decline of Britain. Let in 500,000 a year, but deport half a dozen! Where is the logic in that?

Perhaps a few really crazy types is what this ill country needs. A few muslim crazies doing crazy things may wake up the crazy electorate to change the crazy political system. Letting in half a million immigrants a year and deporting one isn't "something", or "a start", it's just a way for whites to ease their conscience and fool themselves into thinking that something is being done, ("we'd best carry on voting for the Lib-Lab-Con then Doris, something is being done"). 'Something' will only be done when those who created the multi-racial nightmare in the first place (Lib, Lab & Con) are swept into the sewers where they belong.

andy5759 said...

I despair.