Sunday, April 8, 2012

I'll believe it when it happens

The government if the MSM are to be believed are planning on cracking down on human rights abuses. No, not exactly human right abuses themselves, but people who are abusing the Human Rights Act in order to remain in the UK having been convicted of some terrible crimes, yet claim the right to a family life.
HOME Secretary Theresa May is to order a crackdown on the “abuse” of human rights laws that is stopping foreign criminals being deported, it was reported last night. She has pledged to stop all but the most “exceptional cases” succeeding on appeal by using the “right to a family life” to stay in Britain.
She said: “It has been causing a lot of concern, not just to the Government but also to an awful lot of members of the public. By the summer we will have in place new immigration rules which I believe will end that abuse.”
However Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg indicated he would curb the plans.
I wonder how they'll define exceptional, could it be government speak for almost all? The reaction of Nick Clegg is fairly typical too, if there's a way to be out of touch with public opinion, the Lib Dems normally manage to find it.
That said, there are cases where deporting illegals is not such a good idea, at least not straight away...
BRITAIN’S border police faced more humiliation last night after it emerged that officers had accidentally deported 13 key witnesses, leading to the collapse of a multi-million pound prosecution.
The blunder caused a judge to rebuke the UK Border Agency for not realising that “prosecution witnesses are supposed to appear in court”.
 Well done the Border Agency, yes these people should have been deported, but only after the trial, if necessarily on the first plane out after the trial.
I do wonder at times whether the completely ineffectual response to illegal immigrants (or even law breaking legal ones) is quite deliberate, not necessarily by the politicians themselves, but by various government departments with some sort of axe to grind against the government or the people of the UK who do not see immigration as being to the greater benefit of themselves or the nation. Devotees of the Frankfurt School spring to mind in this instance, it certainly fits their depraved attitudes towards promoting a "socialist utopia", an oxymoron if ever there were one.
Still, all we have is words, not actions and a threat to curb the actions at that from part of the coagulation.
As the title goes, I'll believe it when it happens, I'll not be holding my breath on it though.

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Anonymous said...

Is this crackdown number 487 or 488 I lost count

DerekP said...

All those years as the official Opposition and they're only now aware of these issues?

Or Tories were aware and made no policy and did no planning?

It is not just politicians that need a short, sharp shock to bring them face to face with reality; it is also all the over-rewarded senior Civil Servants who preside over the shambles of the UK's
oppressive bureaucracy

Some of them must have really admired the East German state - imagining themselves on top, of course. Part of the reason they luurve the EU?

D-Rex said...

And of course the collapse of this trial will avoid lots of nasty headlines about immigration scams and perhaps embarrassing revalations about how UKBA manages to let so many illegals into the country. Or have I just been reading too many blogs for too long :)