Thursday, April 26, 2012

Healthy options

Five years ago I had an operation on my arm to remove a malignant cancerous tumour, I was lucky, I didn't lose the arm and I was able to return to work with the minimum of difficulty, though I have lost some fine motor skills and there is still (and always will be) nerve damage to that arm. Never once though did I think that taking vitamin pills would have prevented the cancer...
 MILLIONS of people who take dietary supplements to boost their health may be doing themselves more harm than good, a leading study warns.
Scientists claim taking pills and capsules, like folic acid, vitamin D and calcium, do not reduce the risk of cancer.
They also warm that antioxidant pills – natural chemicals that boost health – such as beta carotene, and vitamins C and E may even promote the disease.
The study warns individuals may be toying with a “two-edged sword” that might do them harm.
US scientists, writing in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, warn people are being misled by “messages from supplement manufactures” stressing the health benefits of their products, including cancer prevention.
I don't take vitamin pills as such, I do take mineral supplements and omega fish oil (QM tip do not take just before a hot drink or you will burp and you will regret that burp) However I take them for the health reasons as known, not because I think they will prevent cancer. I take magnesium because it's supposed to aid with nerve damage and other supplements for joints, not because I think they'll prevent some terrible disease, but because they might help me maintain a reasonable degree of health for as long as possible. I don't tend to read the claims on the packet though nor would I believe them if they said they prevented cancer, anyone who has had it tends to know more than they are comfortable about it and how it happens. Yes a healthy lifestyle helps, but with some it's genetic, others it's exposure, some it would appear to be just bad luck.
Yet what it boils down to in the end is that no matter what you do, what you take, how you live your life, there's a study out there saying that what you're doing is wrong. So my advice for what it's worth is live life the way you want too, you aren't getting out of it alive after all.

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Anonymous said...

Very, very glad you're ok QM.
I take a cod liver oil and multi vitamin tablet every day too. I don't know if they do any good but it's always worth a try.

Bucko said...

I think the idea may be to put people off vitamin supplements as they are not regulated by government and not supplied by big pharma. Any kind of alternative medicine is looked on with disdain by TPTB

Anonymous said...

Agree with Bucko.

Take the article with a pinch of salt. ;)


Weekend Yachtsman said...

Why not just eat a decent diet and don't bother with all the expensive pointless supplements?