Thursday, April 12, 2012

Al Qaeda are not the problem

I do wonder at times if David Cameron actually understands the problems of Islamic extremism, then he says something on the subject and I become absolutely sure...
That he doesn't
DAVID CAMERON today issues a passionate appeal to Muslims across the world to defeat Al Qaeda and pave the way for their own future prosperity and freedom by embracing democracy.
In a dramatic and significant speech in Indonesia, which has the largest Muslim population on earth, the Prime Minister will insist that Islam and democracy can “flourish” side by side.
He was urging Muslims to face down democracy’s “dangerous foes”, ranging from the corrupt and extremists to Northern Ireland-style “tribalists”.
And he was warning extremists not to destroy the potential of the Arab Spring – urging Egypt in particular not to allow the persecution of its Christian minorities to taint its future.
Islam is not democratic, there is no place for democracy in an society where Islam does not dominate, since that means that a non-Muslim is equal to a Muslim. That's why the extremists reject it totally and why Muslims will vote in a block for a Muslim (or Muslim supporting) candidate no matter their political affiliation. That's why Galloway won in Bradford West despite the Labour candidate being a Muslim because Galloway was always going to put Muslims first, his whole campaign was based on issues central to them. The entire Muslim ethos is stratified, Male Muslims are first, female Muslims second. After that, non-Muslims of Christian and Jewish faiths (dhimmis), third-class citizens, below them come idolaters such as Hindu's and Sikhs whom Muslims are allowed to slaughter with impunity.
Whilst it's possible to have a democracy of sorts in a Muslim state, the real power rests as ever with the Imams, not the politicians, Iran being the perfect example of this.
As for the Arab spring, it's not extremists who are attacking the Copts, it's ordinary Egyptian Muslims, the same ones who raped the reporter in Tahrir Square. Islam is essentially incompatible with any other culture, it either dominates and extorts protection money or it kills them off, there is no middle ground once it reaches a point of dominance.
So no, Cameron, Al Qaeda are not the problem in the Islamic world, the problem is the Islamic world.

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D-Rex said...

Except, of course, that the last thing cameron and the political "elite" want is an end to muslim extremeism. They need them to use as an excuse to erode our rights and freedoms further.

Anonymous said...

Mr Cameron doesn't understand anything much.

You don't it you were a money student at Oxford and all you did was play tennis and join an elite dining club, get ratarsed and wreck restaurants.

Presumably he read what someone had written. The people who count want Indonesia to buy lots of weapons. So Dave the salesman has been sent to shmoose them a bit.

The Jewish state doesn't allow for democracy either and neither did Christian states until people got wise to what a load of chiselling b*****ds the church comprised.

Even at that there is no real democracy in places which remain religious. Most notably Ireland including the bit that is still retained by the Brits. It's all about who is what particular brand of Christian. Until VERY recently in the British bit, you weren't allowed to get an education if you were a catholic.

Religion is all very well in its place, which is in the home, or the Church, mosque, or whatever.

Once it becomes political and public it takes over.

Anonymous said...

No QM, the problem is us.

We keep noticing things, and saying so. Things like what muslims all over the world keep doing over and over again, and saying over and over again. And things like the correlation between what it says in their quran, and what they are doing.

Awkward that. Clashes with their propaganda.