Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This is news?

The BBC home to some of the most biased, anti-tech, leftist, greeny, lunatics in the UK seems to believe that a story about Sizewell B nuclear plant shutting down (safely) is news.
A fault has caused Sizewell B power station's nuclear reactor to shut down, halting electricity generation.
EDF Energy said it was the first unplanned stoppage for three years, after the reactor was tripped by an electrical fault in another part of the Suffolk plant, on Friday.
The company said the shutdown of the reactor took place safely and post-trip procedures operated as expected.
Work is under way to discover the cause of the fault and resume production.
Jim Crawford, station director at Sizewell B, said: "This brings to an end a sequence of 1,120 days since our last unplanned automatic shutdown.
In other words a fault elsewhere triggered a safety program to stop things safely, does anyone else here think that if it hadn't stopped the plant and then had a radiation leak then that would be real news rather than what appears to be scaremongering?
The actual telling quote comes at the end though...
EDF Energy said Sizewell produces enough electricity for two million homes or about 3% the UK's electricity needs.
That's just one nuclear plant and it produces on demand 3% of our energy needs, as in instantly, not when the wind is blowing just right and it does it cleanly, safely and without any fuss. Now the government has wasted over £8 billion (so far) in sticking up useless bird mincers and plans to spend even more subsidising them with green levies and stealth taxes and in the end are not as reliable as a nuclear plant which costs £2.8 billion, will last for a long time and actually works as and when we need it. And lets not go into the realms of a shale gas powered station which would only cost £1 billion produce the same amount of energy far, far more cheaply.
Green energy has cost us far too much, it doesn't work too well and doesn't last too well. We need to build proper power stations that work as and when we need them, the environmental lobby has shown itself to be an uninformed useless, expensive spatchcock to our energy supply that we neither need nor can afford. We need energy, not green energy, not environmentally friendly energy, just energy that isn't too expensive due to a levy that is supposed to subsidise useless bird mincers.

3 annotations:

Anonymous said...

I heard that the French were going to build you some new nuclear power stations.

They have a good record n safety so you should be ok.

I dunno about you, but I wouldn't care for one of them in my back garden.

Quiet_Man said...

I have a coal fired plant in my backyard (so to speak) if you want radioactivity then run a geiger counter over mine tailing for a coal mine, the stuff is far higher than at any nuclear plant.

Antisthenes said...

In a perverse way one can take heart that as green projects and policies are aiding in destroying our economy that will eventually destroy them to.