Saturday, March 3, 2012

That's what they want...

You know, I really think that politicians are only open to the suggestion of some sort of referendum on a subject that they know the side they back will win. It's human nature really and it's not the sort of area in which they'd be prepared to gamble, unlike a trip to the bookies. However some Conservative MP's really don't get it about any sort of EU referendum...
Britain was left out in the cold yesterday as EU leaders signed a controversial treaty which critics say could herald the dawn of a two-tier Europe.
Furious Tory MPs last night argued Britain would be pushed to the margins of European decision-making and renewed their calls for a referendum on whether we should now leave the EU.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the new Fiscal Compact – a desperate attempt to save the single currency – as a ‘great leap’ and a ‘milestone’ towards stability and political union.
Do they really imagine that EUphile Cameron will actually allow a referendum on something unless he knows he's going to win? The EU, financial problems notwithstanding, will literally spend billions to make sure one of its net contributors stays in the EU, they've done it in Ireland, they did it in Croatia and if we give them an answer they don't like they make sure it's done again and again till we vote right, for a given value of right, meaning their way and no others.
Why don't they just exercise the power we gave them in our name and say, enough is enough, here's two years notice to sort things out and for us to negotiate an entry into EFTA. That way they still get to trade with us and we can watch the rioting as they go into revolution as their masses tear down the system they built despite the wishes of their people.
I rather suspect though any calls for a referendum are simply false flag operations, the Tories, like Labour and the Lib Dems are in thrall to the EU state and have no intentions of ever leaving, indeed any attempts to leave or go against EU wishes and you end up with a new Gauleiter, as Greece found out.
Yet we (though not me personally) keep voting for the bastards and then keep wondering why they keep selling us down the river.
If our politicians had our best interests at heart they'd take us out, that they haven't tells us all we need to know.
To finish, allow me to present a video by ArtCo he doesn't blog on a regular basis, but when he does the result is stunning...

Of Roses Rape and Revolution

Oil on Hardboard (yes I know, skint again)
44" by 36"
Took a few months as I was in a bit of pain at the time. Anyway hope you enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

If Cameron had the cojones to call a referendum, and the English voted to come out (he might want to hold it on the same day as mr Salmond holds our referendum), he would make himself very popular, at least for a while.

Long enough I imagine, to hold another election, win hands down, vanquish the Liberals to a rump of 6 people, and get another 5 years as prime minister, with all the trimmings of the country estate and the free travel and feeling important.

He is such a narrow selfish self serving little man that I'm surprised he doesn't do it.

Maybe, just maybe, he has someone bright enough to see this, but to know that this is NOT the time to mention it, when he needs the Liberals to back some things before he finishes them off for ever.

And I though Nick Clegg was the clever one out of the two... tit tut Tris. Wrong!

Mike Spilligan said...

There are cons as well as pros on holding a referendum, which I won't attempt to outline now, but you're right that leaving won't be allowed to happen under normal processes. There are scores of ways for those "at the top" to invalidate an "out" result.
One heartening piece of news is Roger Helmer's defection to UKIP, though I wouldn't try to predict whether this will have wide implications.