Thursday, March 8, 2012

Killing us softly

There was something of a furore recently over Ken (I've never found an EU law I didn't like) Clarke suggesting that some trials should be held in secret. Turns out that our local friendly terrorist misunderstood Muslim activists have won a ruling on an anonymous witness to be allowed to give evidence in a secret trial to support their case.
HOME Secretary Theresa May suffered a setback in her bid to deport seven Algerian terror suspects yesterday when the Supreme Court gave them a chance to appeal.
The men can now return to the Special Immigration Appeals Commission and fight to have a witness statement heard in secret. If Siac agrees to make the statement in their favour confidential, Government lawyers will not even be allowed to check it is true.
Mrs May is trying to deport the suspects, who cannot be named, on national security grounds. They went to the Supreme Court after Appeal Court judges rejected claims that they risked “inhuman treatment” if sent home.
Algerian ministers have pledged not to torture the men, but they claim to have a whistleblower who can prove they will be harmed.
They want their witness to give evidence in secret because if British officials try to check its truth they may unwittingly reveal his identity.
So what we have here is actually hearsay, which is essentially what unsubstantiated evidence is, bit like saying "everyone knows" when reality will tell you that it's odds on everyone doesn't. They are going to produce a witness that will say the Algerians will torture them and we aren't allowed to check the veracity of the witnesses statement in case we identify him to the Algerians and he's forced to apply for asylum?
You know, frankly I'm at the stage now where I don't give a damn about what happens to people we return to their home countries after committing a crime here, put it this way, if you don't want to be deported, don't come here illegally or commit crimes here. Add to that the twisting of our legal system to justify your desire to stay and what you have is utter madness, we can't find out if the witness they're calling is telling the truth!
So, in the end we may be forced to allow a bunch of Algerian suspected terrorists, including two fanatics linked to the ricin poison murder plot to stay here on hearsay evidence.
The law and those who wrote it, truly are at odds with what the UK public want.

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Captain Ranty said...

Thats a bit harsh for fucks sake

Anonymous said...

Fuck the fuck off, you trolling retard.

QM; The first comment is not the Captain.

Quiet_Man said...

I know, I'm just allowing him the time to embarrass himself. I already have my suspicions as to who and where he hails from.
I have a great deal of respect for the real Captain Ranty and assume most of my readership can recognise the real deal when they read him.

Quiet_Man said...

For those that don't know, go to Captain Ranty's site (in blogs down the right hand side) and look at his comments, you'll see like I do that he has an avatar.

James Higham said...

if you don't want to be deported, don't come here illegally or commit crimes here

100% agree.

andy5759 said...

I started reading blogs during the heady days of a Zanu Labour government. In those days hardly a day went by without another attack on our sovereignty or our culture or our laws or our wealth or our freedoms. It is heartbreaking to see that these attacks have only increased with the anointing of the coagulation.