Monday, March 12, 2012

It was never going to happen

I raised a wry smile at the resignation yesterday of Michael Pinto-Duschinsky who was on the committee discussing a new "British" bill of rights. He apparently didn't know that any new rights had to be on top of existing EU rights vis the HRA, though the inclusion of Ken Clarke and Nick Clegg should have been a major giveaway.
HOPES of curbing the interference in British life of European human rights law were yesterday hit by explosive claims the process has been rigged by Ken Clarke and Nick Clegg.
A member of the commission ordered by Prime Minister David Cameron to consider a British Bill of Rights quit saying it has been nobbled by pro-European politicians to back the status quo.
Political scholar Michael Pinto-Duschinsky said the commission was following the agenda of “the human rights establishment”. He said it was ignoring the view held by the Prime Minister and the overwhelming majority of MPs that power must shift back from the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg to the UK Parliament.
Mr Pinto-Duschinsky claimed the commission had been “consistently directed” by its chairman Sir Leigh Lewis away from considering the issue of “parliamentary override” – giving Parliament ultimate power over the Strasbourg Court. “After one year, it’s now clear that it’s been intended all along to issue a report in favour of the status quo,” he told BBC One’s Sunday Politics show.
“We have considered the question of parliamentary sovereignty only once in the whole year that we’ve been in existence.”
Put to him that he meant the c­ommission was working to thwart Mr Cameron and Parliament, he said: “Yes, that’s exactly what I see and exactly what I’m saying.” He said that the commission answers to Justice Secretary Ken Clarke, ­adding: “His civil servants run the commission and staffing, his hands are everywhere.”
He said the commission was set up by Mr Clarke with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and they selected the chairman.
The very fact that Ken (I never saw an EU statute I didn't like) Clarke and Nick (I have an EU pension to protect) Clegg were involved ought to have told Mr Pinto-Duschinsky everything he needed to know about the intentions of Cameron who set up the thing in the first place. Cameron is an EUphile pretending to be an EUsceptic in order to hold onto power. He has no intentions of upsetting or thwarting the EU's grand design of ever greater integration and giving the British rights over the EU was a non starter from the off.
The Human Rights Act gives the EU a degree of control over our laws and sentencing that it uses to keep our ancient rights from being asserted. In our old system if it wasn't forbidden, it was allowed, under the HRA and other EU legislation, if it isn't specifically allowed then it's forbidden. Whilst that sits well on their system it directly clashes with ours.
Until we leave the EU, the likes of Clarke, Clegg, Cameron and the various power seeking mandarins of the civil service will always work to thwart our freedoms and tie them into the EU's system as it gives them far greater powers and a lot more opacity over what they say and do to us.

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