Saturday, March 31, 2012

Can't see, wont see

I always thought that becoming a bus driver indicated a few things, though admittedly until today, one of them was the ability to read or at least observe, which I took as a given. One of the others was the ability to be a complete jobsworth on occasion, at least seems to have survived...
A furious housewife was thrown off a bus because she was carrying a pot of white paint.
Anna Porreca, 52, was stunned when the driver told her she was a health and safety risk because the paint was flammable.
But the emulsion paint Mrs Porreca had just bought from a DIY shop was water-based and completely safe.
She said: 'The bus driver saw me getting on and said: 'You can’t come on here with that.
'I asked him why and he said it was to do with health and safety - because it was flammable.
'I’m furious - I checked the tin and it doesn’t say that anywhere.'
It's true enough, any tin of anything even mildly inflammable has to be marked as such, the problems usually only start when people use containers which weren't designed for the purpose after decanting the product into it, hence the recent case of the woman who set fire to herself after decanting petrol into a glass container. Though petrol itself isn't actually flammable as such, but the fumes mixed in an oxygen atmosphere are. So, I could understand a bus driver refusing to allow anyone on with a can of petrol. Paint is another problem though, certain glosses are highly inflammable as they contain certain solvents and spirits, though not all glosses are flammable, yet oddly enough those that are, are marked...

See the little orange square? That means it's flammable...

Yes, that one, it can sometimes have extremely flammable on it too, mostly though it's just a sign with no writing on and is required by law on all products that are... well flammable.
Yes, the bus driver may have been acting in ignorance, though it's difficult to see how he's managed it considering that the lady tried to show him that the paint which was an emulsion wasn't flammable.
I suspect what we have is another jobsworth who when pushed into a position he didn't like simply refused to accept the evidence in front of his own eyes and hoped to get away with it.
I expect after the investigation he'll be promoted to his true roll in life, inspector...

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Curmudgeon said...

Not the first time it's happened - try Googling "paint refused bus". Here, for example.

Anonymous said...

didnt she just politely say 'fuck off and just drive this fucking thing'?