Monday, March 19, 2012

Biblically speaking

Matthew 18:8 If your hand or your foot causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away...

Not terribly good advice from a physical point of view, though that wasn't really the advice Jesus was giving, it was more about keeping stuff around that makes you sin, a close analogy would be letting a toddler loose in a sweet shop.
But for this woman it sounds as if it might be a good idea...
A British woman is considering having her hand cut off and replaced with a bionic one after she lost use of her right arm following a car crash. 
Nicola Wilding, 35, suffered serious neck and shoulder injuries 13 years ago, which left her entire right arm paralysed.
Although nerve transplants and physiotherapy allowed her to regain movement in her upper arm, her hand has remained paralysed and withered.
She is now hoping to have the hand removed because she said it is “useless” and merely gets in the way.
Mrs Wilding believes a bionic hand would change her life by allowing her to carry out basic tasks such as cooking and dressing.
She said she was inspired to take the drastic step after seeing a television news bulletin about an Austrian man who underwent elective amputation to have his withered hand replaced with a prosthetic one.
Five years ago, I had a tumour removed from my right arm, it was growing to the front of my elbow and was wrapped around the radial nerve, it was also malignant and growing pretty fast. I was lucky, I was put in the hands of a very skilled surgeon in one of the leading cancer research hospital in the UK (Royal Marsden) Under normal circumstances, I'd probably have lost the arm, as it was he was prepared to attempt to save it, though he warned me that he might just have to sever the radial nerve on my arm leaving me with no wrist control. As it was, I lucky, I lost half my bicep, suffered some nerve damage but essentially was able to return to work after a 6 month convalescence mostly due to the nerve damage. (I would be very reluctant to hold anything if I'm the one hammering, but at least I can hammer) Fine motor control is a thing of the past with me, but I can type and can write, though sadly my guitar playing days are behind me, I can no longer strum very well or finger pick.
Still, for all it seems extreme, I can well sympathise with the lady having been in a similar if not so extreme position. It is of course an all or nothing position to be in, most people intending to have something similar have already lost a limb.
I wish Nicola well, I'm fairly sure that bionics so to speak is only in its infancy and we're nowhere near 6 million dollar man territory yet, they haven't as far as I'm aware even got to touch or pain sensation yet.
Still, great oaks from small acorns etc...

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Ann said...

Yes I read that story too and feel very sorry for her. I wouldn't like to have to make the decision whether to amputate or not. I'm a 'you can't beat your own teeth' type person. Good luck to her though.
Also very glad to hear you made a full recovery, I don't know what I'd do without my daily QM fix.