Monday, February 27, 2012

♫ You gotta pick a pocket or two ♪

Well a taxpayers pocket certainly, the furore over benefits caps goes on and the Daily Mail in its usual style lets us know just where the cap isn't being applied yet...
At least 100 families raking in enough housing benefits to fund a £1MILLION mortgage each
Thirty families receiving £6,000 a month and at least 60 families getting £5,000 a month
Unemployed living in luxury homes in upmarket parts of London such as Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster
Poor families should not be allowed to live 'swanky' lifestyles in postcodes beyond their means, says campaigners
Calls for the Government's £400 per week cap to be properly enforced
Housing benefit costs taxpayers £22bn a yearAt least 100 families receiving housing benefit are living in luxury homes on handouts that could fund £1m mortgages, figures have revealed.
More than 30 of those families are being given a staggering £1,500 a week to live 'swanky' lifestyles - more than three times the national average wage.
Of the 100 families, 60 have their rent paid by the state to the value of £5,000 a month, according to the Department for Work and Pensions.At a time when millions of people are struggling to get on the housing ladder, the handouts would easily cover the monthly payments on a £1m mortgage.
Just another example of why many of us call for the introduction of legislation that prevents any immigrants or asylum seekers from claiming any sort of benefit until they have paid into the system something like 10 years worth of taxation per person at the average wage level of taxation.
There are simply no excuses for the state at national or local level to house people who are not contributing, weren't born here and giving them priority over people who do. Yet here we are, year after year, the same stories come out about people who quite frankly are taking the piss and the government appear to be doing bugger all about it. In fact some sections of the government actually oppose capping benefits, usually Lib Dems, the occasional leftist and for some reason C of E Bishops. Then again, they don't live in the real world with the rest of us.
They really are driving us towards violent revolution aren't they?

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Anonymous said...

The sdlp in Northern Ireland actually called for the opposition to welfare reform to be the 'top priority' of government...not a priority behind investment, job creation, peace or anything like that, but the single most important thing the NI Executive should be focussing on.
So, next time you see Alastair McDonnell, Margaret Richie or Mark Durkan in the House of Commons spouting on about anything, just remember their top priority is to ensure spongers like those identified in the Daily Mail are to be supported and financed by everyone else.

Anonymous said...

And this on the day when the government is considering forcing service familes out of their subsidised housing, and into the private rental market.

Any guesses as to whom will get first dibs on the houses when the squaddies are kicked out.

It starts with 'I' and ends in 'mmigrants'

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, it can't last much longer. And you know the funniest thing? The people who will be first in line, screaming for the blood of these idiotic progressive politicians, will be those that the corrupt self-serving politicians allowed into this country and then bought with bribes.

Me, I shall sit back and relish the schadenfreude of the spectacle (payback is a bitch! lol).

Pass the popcorn someone.

JuliaM said...

In other news, the police are finally getting around to AWEMA: