Thursday, February 23, 2012

Giving money to those who hate us

The foreign aid budget never ceases to cause my blood pressure to rise when I hear about the ridiculous lengths politicians and their ilk will go too to give away my cash. I despair when it's given to countries that either don't want it, when it lines kleptocrats pockets and espescially to countries that hate us/everyone and consider those that give them cash with contempt as it confirms in their eyes that we are weak and fear them.
Such a country being Somalia an Islamic hellhole, ruled by kleptocratic warlords and who exports violence and piracy as their main forms of income/hobby.
DAVID Cameron is set to ignite fresh anger at Britain’s soaring overseas handouts bill today by pledging millions of pounds to war-torn Somalia.
He will unveil an extra £33million in aid to the country, infamous as a breeding ground for terrorism. The gift means that UK payouts to Somalia will rise to nearly £220million in the next three years.
The Prime Minister insisted yesterday that Somalia should get a “second chance” to rebuild itself after two decades of famine and civil war. But critics warned against throwing yet more taxpayers’ cash into a country described by Foreign Secretary William Hague earlier this month as “the world’s most failed state”. Tory MP Philip Davies said: “Pouring ever larger amounts of our money is never going to solve this country’s problems.” Emma Boon of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said: “It is crucial that taxpayers’ money isn’t lost to corruption in this highly volatile area.”
Somalia is a failed state, there isn't a government as such and about a third of the country is under the control of a group called al-Shabab, which is linked to Al Qaeda, which as they are Islamic fundamentalists without the oil revenue is why it's a failed state. As opposed to Saudi Arabia which also would be a failed state if it could not bribe its populace and use the spare cash to fund international wahhabism aka jihad.
The people who (sort of) run Somalia only recognise strength, it's part of the mind set of the area, it's why the Palestinians wont wont opt for a peace deal with Israel because the rest of the idiot west keeps telling Israel to give up more concessions whilst the Palestinians and their type never do because only the weak give things away. It's the same with Somalia and Somalians, there's a cultural mindset that equates strength with violence rather than restraint, not all of course, but enough of a majority to be a problem in and around Somalia and any place where Somalians move to live, the attackers of rhea Page were of Somalian descent, as was Said Adam a Somali man who dragged a 23-year-old woman into an alleyway and scarred her for life during a terrifying sexual attack. Their gangs are behind a lot of violence in parts of the UK as this article points out.
Once again we have the UK government giving away our cash where it will be wasted and often enough used to buy weapons for Islamic fanatics or those fighting them, either way it will be used to fuel the violence in that part of the world.
When will they learn? Charity begins (and ends) at home for the UK government, if the people of the UK want to give generously abroad, that's up to us, but the cash we give the government should stay here!

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William said...

"When will they learn?"

THEY never will becuase THEY are never wrong and THEY are selected to be elected to do as THEY are told with other people's cash.

This is what passes for democracy in 21st Century Britain.

andy said...

The only way the multi culti fools will learn the truth is when it`s them who are bound and being held down to have their heads sawn off.

Anonymous said...

You see, the problem is that no one ever goes down in history because they fixed the pot holes, or made sure that pensioners could afford gruel AND coal in the winter.

It's just not fashionable. Prime ministers that do that sort of thing simple slip off the radar; are forgotten in history. What can you write about them:-

"David Cameron: Prime minister of England after the disastrous economic free for all at end 20thC and beginning 21st. Concentrated all his efforts on normalising the economy and putting England back in credit. Made little mark on the outside world because of interest in internal matters. Resultantly much loved by his people."

No. That's no use. It wouldn't even make a foot note in history. He must fight wars, sort Africa (about which he should be passionate) and not be seen to personally profit too much financially from it, otherwise he will go down in history, like his stable mate, Blair, as a greedy bastard.

The trouble is, it will all go wrong, because he and the rest of his government, and most of the top civil servants, who make the decisions, are terminally stupid, interbred, upper class morons, whose degrees are the outward signs of the "best education money can buy".

Ever thus; ever will be.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Gordon Brown's fake concern with know, when he latched onto it when he was desperately trying to find an issue to make himself look human

Anonymous said...

"...but the cash we give the government should stay here!"

Sorry.... Give??

Don't you mean the cash the thieving bastards steal from us?

James Higham said...

Agreed. It should cease now, all aid and while we're there, bye-bye EU immigro-tourists.