Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You what?

Why is it that certain people have what amounts to a get out of jail free card? If I were in a pub and glassed some woman who I suspect was eyeing me up (I know, I know, I should be so bloody lucky, but bear with me here) I'd expect to go to prison and I'd expect no mercy from the judicial system. I very much doubt a case of claimed sexual harassment at work would help me much either.
However, reverse the genders and hey presto I would get a get out of jail card for the same excuse...
Mail. (usual caveats, but the basic facts are correct)
Judge refuses to jail woman plumber who glassed nightclubber who smiled at her 'because she had been sexually harassed during training'
  • Attacker walks free after judge says harassment was to blame for her behaviour
  • Judge describes her harassment as 'intolerable' and says she is 'impeccable character'
  • Victim was described as being in the 'wrong place at the wrong time'
A woman who glassed a male clubber that smiled at her - and then blamed the attack on the fact she was sexually harassed at work - was spared jail by a judge.
Sheona Keith threw her glass at a man in a nightclub who she thought was 'eyeing her up', in an unprovoked attack which resulted in him needing hospital treatment.
However, a judge refused to give her a custodial sentence after accepting that earlier sexual harassment she suffered at work was the reason behind her behaviour.
Instead, 22-year-old Keith - who admitted a charge of actual bodily harm against James Kirkham - was given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay £400 compensation by Judge Philip Wassall when she was sentenced at Exeter Crown Court.
Describing Keith's case as 'unique', Judge Wassall said she had an 'impeccable character' and that the sexual harassment she had suffered was 'intolerable'.At one point he said that she threw the glass 'without knowing' it was in her hand and described the victim as being 'in the wrong place at the wrong time'.
I'm sorry, but seriously is there any excuse for this sort of action other than they started it and you were in fear of your life? You throw a glass into someone's face causing them to need hospital treatment and blame it on the fact that you'd lost your job and were drowning your sorrows due to sexual harassment???? The guy was just looking at you!!!! God alone knows what might have happened if he'd wandered over to say hi.
Can anyone imagine a guy getting similar treatment off a judge?
Fair enough, sexual harassment is a terrible thing for some people, but there are proper channels for dealing with it, glassing a human being for looking at you is not one of them, doubly so if they are a complete stranger.
The judge in this case seems to be some sort of gullible idiot and easily swayed by a feminine sob story, yet justice is supposed to be blind.
Sheona Keith should have been starting a prison sentence today, pretty much any male who did what she did would certainly be.
In this case the law (well the judge) is an ass.

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Tattyfalarr said...

Well, in the playground and the judicial system two wrongs always make a right, dontchaknow.

Innocent people can be perfectly legally prosecuted for the actions of others provided they are The Defendant.

Anyone with any sense these days should ensure they are always The Accused.

Anonymous said...

This case raises a lot of interesting issues!

I will address just a few.

Unlike the evidence, any mitigation is never tested in a Trial. In short it could be a complete load of bollocks! That said even if it were true the gravity of this offence was such that it should have had only a marginal effect on the sentence.

How is it that the Lady in question threw a glass that she didn't know was in her hand? A most unusual way to inflict violence on someone!

The Judge in this case is obviously a complete Dick!

Elizabeth said...

I posted on this yesterday but it hasn't appeared? strange, I didn't notice any problem at the time.

Quiet_Man said...

It's not in my spam or waiting for moderation folders, so yes, a bit odd.