Monday, January 30, 2012

You can't backtrack where you've never been

The real truth about Cameron's non veto of a non-existent treaty has finally hit the Europlastics in Westminster. Not surprisingly they are a tad miffed that the boy Dave appears to have lied to them, though I doubt it will be enough to stop him doing what was always on the cards and let the Eurozone countries to use the EU institutions funded by Britain to prop up the single currency including letting the European Court of Justice to enforce the new rules on spending. Cameron doesn't even appear to be making a fight of it, it's just going to go by on the nod and no doubt make the people of the EU (not the EU itself) suffer some very severe financial constraints.

DAVID Cameron has been warned not to backtrack on his tough EU stance by senior Tories when he arrives at a crunch Brussels summit today.
The alarm bells come amid signs he is prepared to “be flexible” over a veto he used in December to block a treaty which would have harmed our financial interests.
There are fears among Tories that Britain could concede by allowing the European Court of Justice to police the rules of a new fiscal union pact due to be signed at the talks.
Yesterday Cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith was among those who urged him not to backdown.
You cannot back down or backtrack from where you've never been, Cameron never vetoed anything in the last meeting he just said vaguely that he'd fight for UK interests, specifically any attempt to attack the financial heart of the UK (The City of London) with any measure designed to affect its profitability. He never said no to anything in pretty much the same way he never said yes to anything.
That this should have the EUskeptics in the Tory party worried is a given, but they really should have kept up with what was actually going on rather than hailing Cameron as the hero of the hours last November.
As for threats of a referendum debate leading to a referendum, that's the last thing we want, just look at Croatia where the EU stacked the deck with bribes against a no vote, even starting a rumour that pensioners would lose their pensions if Croatia did not join.
The EU would make some massive bribes to politicians, the MSM, they already have the BBC in their hip pockets and the result would not be the foregone conclusion that many people think it would be. What we need is simply a decision to leave and let the Eurozone sort itself out using its own cash, not ours.
We should simply leave.

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James Higham said...

Not surprisingly they are a tad miffed that the boy Dave appears to have lied to them

No limits to naivety. Or stupidity.