Sunday, January 1, 2012


Despite the amazing accuracy of my last set of New Year predictions where I predicted some fairly obvious happenstances (I mean a Tory scandal, come on, when isn't there a Tory scandal) it's a case of here we go again.
The Lib Dem problems of heart and mind will reach a crisis when the social democrat wing of the party will split from the Orange bookers (the real Liberals) and more or less support Labour in the current Parliament. The coagulation will however limp on at least until the €uro collapses.
It will finally reach what passes for the thinking apparatus of political parties that support for leaving the EU is a vote winner, strangely enough it will be impossible to find any MP save only a few who are on record of defending the EU who will admit to have supported any EU policies, now or ever.
The UK will however remain in the EU, but outside the €uro.
The €uro will not collapse in 2012, but throughout the year every effort to attempt to rescue the €urozone will end in ignominious failure and end up making the situation worse. The southern €uro states will be forced to withdraw from the €uro and devalue their currency, though this will only delay the inevitable in the Northern €uro states.
The French economy will go tits up towards the end of 2012 and will trigger the final collapse in 2013.
West Ham will be promoted, Sunderland relegated.
With all the economic crisis going on the UK government will continue to ignore the Islamic problem in the UK and continue mass immigration, anti-white discrimination will continue and the population will become more and more angry about this, though the continuing lack of a charismatic nationalist (and non racist) political party will keep the focus dispersed and the main political parties untroubled.
The Olympics will go without a hitch, the UK medal haul will be average.
The USA will have a new president, it wont be Obama.

Right, hopefully that will have seriously bolloxed up the hopes and ambitions of the EUphiles.

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