Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Biased BBC?

In a breathtaking display of hypocrisy the Labour party accused the BBC of pro coalition coverage, though I suspect it's more down to the fact that Ed Millipede has less of a personality than Gordon Brown. I hated Brown with a passion for his anti-English attitude, his spite, his reckless financial management and his selling out our interests to the EU in the form of the Lisbon Treaty, whereas Millipede E usually just produces a "meh" reaction in a similar way to the mother of Gru in Despicable Me.

The Labour party has made a "serious complaint" to the BBC about a lack of political balance in its news coverage as it attempts to reinvigorate Ed Miliband's leadership and counter what it sees as widespread media bias in favour of the David Cameron-led coalition.
The Observer has learned that Labour chiefs have written to the corporation raising concerns that its party spokesmen are not receiving their fair share of airtime at a time when they are neck and neck with the Tories in opinion polls.
It is understood that party officials have monitored invitations, and time given, to senior Tory and Liberal Democrat figures on the BBC's main news outlets against that allotted to Labour counterparts. Their analysis has shown that Labour has been represented less than half as often as the coalition.
While acknowledging that the Tories and Lib Dems are in government and should therefore take precedence, they believe the imbalance has left Labour struggling to get its messages across. They have made their point to top BBC executives in forceful terms.
One source familiar with the dispute said Labour had made a "very serious complaint" to the relevant authories.
Labour insiders insisted on Saturday that the party was not "declaring war" on the BBC or "whingeing", but merely holding the corporation to its obligation to show impartiality.
Now I'm well aware of the BBC's position in that if both sides are complaining, they think they are being impartial, though the evidence over the years rather suggests that the dividing line on complaints is hardly central as Biased BBC has frequently pointed out  with the BBC assuming that far left complaints and right wing complaints somehow put Labour in the middle, despite the fairly obvious bussing in of left wing activists to Question Time and the outright pandering to Labour spokesmen without an answering opinion in the Today Program amongst others.
I don't know why Labour even think that somehow the dying dead tree press is behind their recent popularity nosedive, I rather suspect that their unpopularity is more down to the blogging world who constantly remind people just exactly who is to blame for the mess we're in, something the BBC has never done (nor the Guardian oddly enough) Fact is, the BBC literally fell over themselves to trumpet the left wing cause of the Labour party during its time in power, their frequent use of right wing to describe the Tories along with the unsavoury BNP was an attempt to associate the right always with racism and extremism in a way that left wing never did for the excesses and folly of socialism, which in many countries combined racism and brutality beyond belief at times.
All I can assume is that the BBC itself feels under threat from the continuing exposing of its bias by various sites and feels the need to justify its credibility by a ridiculous accusation from the left.

Not a Sheep, sums it up a bit more succinctly though.

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Anonymous said...

The biggest institutional bias of the BBC is that of being " anti British"

It really doesn't like indigenous white British people!

Anonymous said...

Unsavoury BNP? Did you get that bias from the biased MSM?

Quiet_Man said...

I got it from the actions and corruption evident in the actions of Nick Griffin who has driven the party into the ground.

Anonymous said...

1. You stated unsavoury BNP meaning the party and all party members no mention at all of Nick Griffin.

2. You do not seem to use the term unsavoury for any other party for example, the Lib/Lab/Cons which have over the years have committed treason,sedition,cash for honours,cash for questions, expenses scandels, 4 illegal wars causing hundreds of thousands of deaths and maimings both to them and our own servicemen,the hushing up of the systematic rape,drugging and abuse of very young white girls to which one detective likened it to a tidal wave in all our cities and towns, the collusion over the death of DR Kelly, need I go on?

3. You and I seem to see a different man, I see a man who has risked prison 4 times in the nationalist cause, can you name any other British politician who has stood by his beliefs to the extent of risking imprisonment?

4. As for corruption where is your proof? Again I ask, did you get your bias from the biased MSM?

Quiet_Man said...

I view any party that is authoritarian in nature unsavoury, which means I tend to view all parties as unsavoury. The BNP as viewed in the political spectrum quiz is authoritarian.
I don't like political parties at all and the higher they are in that chart the less I like them.
Whilst Griffin leads the BNP I will continue to find them unsavoury. Doesn't mean I don't like or get on with individual members, just don't like the party or its policies, same with Tories, Labour, Lib Dems, UKIP, BFP, Eng Dems etc. You're all way to concerned with control rather than freedom.
You see a man who has risked prison 4 times in the nationalist cause, I see a man who has destroyed whatever credibility the BNP had with his association to the KKK, the virtual bankrupting of the party.

People in glass houses should not throw bricks. Griffin has a lot to answer for and has thrown a lot of bricks.

Anonymous said...

I googled Griffin meets the KKK all the reports are from the biased MSM it would seem that he spoke to an audience of American sympathisers and one of them happened to be a member of the KKK, hardly an association. Perhaps a read of the NUJ policy on reporting on the BNP you might find enlightening.
The virtual bankrupting of the party was the sole aim of the 2 court cases brought about by the ECHR
I am sorry that you do not like policies such as coming out of Europe,rebuilding our infrastructure, jobs for the British, stopping our involvement with illegal foreign wars,hard labour for criminals and the death sentence for murderers, stopping the post code lottery for medical drugs and treatment plus many more. I wonder what policies you would like?
You admit that you find all parties unsavoury,that's fair enough, but you only seem apply that term to the BNP. As I posted earlier they are not guilty of treason, sedition etc.
I notice your most recent post is about something I mentioned in a post yesterday to your blog, Griffin was the only politician to bring this to the publics attention 7 years ago and was taken to court over it. I wonder how many young girls have been made into drug addicts and have been raped in those 7 years?

Quiet_Man said...

Top of the page google


He's sharing a platform with convicted fraudster David Duke of the KKK at a meeting of BNP supporters in the USA.

Care to ask Trafalgar Club members about their status and dipping into funds?

If the BNP are so set on coming out of the EU, why are they using EU funding via the british taxpayer to fund jollies for BNP members?


Who are the British? I'm English, my boss is Polish, but naturalised now and paying taxes, my Mother in law is German, but worked here since coming across as a war bride in 1945 and has paid into our system. Ask most ethnic groups and they'll tag Anglo or British to their origins.

I find the BNP unsavoury, I find Labour, Tories, Lib Dems to be corrupt mendacious authoritarian and unsavoury, go figure...

I'll give Griffin and the BNP credit for bringing up the subject of grooming by Muslims.