Sunday, October 2, 2011

Moving the deckchairs around

Nothing strikes me more about the lack of sovereignty of our so called political representatives than their continued debates on matter of which they cannot control, nor can force the government to implement.
A historic vote on growing demands for Britain to leave the European Union will be held in the Commons before Christmas.
MPs will debate whether the Government should give voters a chance to decide the issue once and for all in a referendum.
It will be the first time Parliament has held a major vote on seeking the public’s view since the 1975 referendum confirming the decision to join the Common Market.
Sounds great, the voices of the representatives of the people will be heard...
If MPs vote in favour of a referendum, the result would not be binding on the Government.
And ignored if they decide on something the government (aka David Cameron) doesn't want, though a few out there have the suspicion that the EU might just want us to have a referendum simply to bribe us back into compliance. Then again with the current state of the EU and the Euro that may not be an option they can afford anymore, still as some of you will no doubt point out, when has that ever stopped them from spending money they haven't got...
As for our Parliamentarians, well over the last 30 years they like sheep who have been lead astray have systematically handed over our sovereignty to unaccountable bureaucrats in Whitehall and Brussels, you can more or less forget the EU Parliament, it has fewer powers than Westminster, the actual power of the EU lies within the Commission and the Council of Ministers who exercise the powers our treacherous leaders gave away with various treaties since the days of that arch traitor Heath. So all they can do now is debate something and probably watch the government ignore it as even if it get overwhelming support, it will be leached away with backroom deals to prevent the sovereign people of these isles having their say assuming they can be arsed to get up from watching strictly come x factor.
Last night, despite the growing calls for a referendum, Foreign Secretary William Hague insisted the Government would not grant a public vote on leaving the EU altogether – but said he would consider putting any future erosion of sovereignty to the people.
In other words never, the EU seem to have grabbed the really important stuff already otherwise vague Hague wouldn't make such a promise.
Since Britain joined the Common Market, there have been a series of Commons votes on whether there should be referendums on EU treaties such as Maastricht and Lisbon – although none on whether we should remain in the EU. All have been defeated, largely due to Governments ordering MPs to vote them down.
Says it all really.

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