Monday, October 24, 2011

It's those Asians again

Another example of cultural enrichment happened in Leeds last night, a young woman was raped by an "Asian" whilst his mate kept lookout.
An 18-year-old woman was raped by a man in a park in Leeds while his friend acted as a look-out.
The woman was in Cross Flatts Park on Friday evening after visiting friends, West Yorkshire Police said.
She leant against a tree and was passed by two men who were walking towards the park's Dewsbury Road exit.
The men turned back and one of them raped her while the other acted as a look-out. Police said the victim was "extremely traumatised" by the attack.
After the assault, both men left along Cross Flatts Avenue.
'Vital information'
The woman's attacker is described as Asian, in his late 20s to late 30s, 5ft 9in (1.77m) tall, skinny with brown eyes and a small moustache.
What kind of Asian of course we are not told, though I suspect it wont be of the Hindu, Buddhist, Jain or even the oriental kind, but as they haven't made an arrest yet I'm holding fire on identities.
That said, I rather doubt this is the kind of cultural enrichment meant by those who favour multiculturalism and racial diversity. The problem of course being that people from other lands frequently as not bring their criminal habits along with the law abiding ones. It's exacerbated by various do gooders who tell them that they don't have to mix in or integrate into our society to become part of a homogeneous whole. Then throw in a few special privileges such as being put on top of the housing lists and you have a recipe for resentment amongst those of us who were born here and form the mainstream. I don't really have issues with fairness mind you, I just expect it to apply to all and that's clearly not happening. You won't see an operation white vote, you wont see a white/Christian police association, you don't see white community leaders being wheeled out to explain why their communities have gone off the rails again and you certainly wont see many politicians representing the mainstream views, so politically correct and right on that they have to be these days.
Yet the resentment still grows as does the anger and the politicians still scuttle out to try and defend a system that has failed. That which divides us can never unite us and there will be a price to be paid before this is consigned to the dustbin of history.

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Anonymous said...

There's me thinking that they were all British, thank Christ I'm English and Christian.

Anonymous said...

"Oslo rocked by wave of rapes"

"Norway's capital Oslo has seen a sharp increase in cases of outdoor rape, with the number of attacks in 2011 already double the total for the previous year, according to figures compiled by newspaper Aftenposten. "

It can not be denied that many of the culprits have an ethnic background with a critical view of women,” Conservative party justice critic Andre Oktay Dahl told TV2.