Sunday, October 9, 2011


Seems that one of the latest "wizard" schemes of  the enviroloony wing of the government is to give lots of taxpayers cash to hospitals in order for them to produce their "own" electricity.
Royal Berkshire will be one of five hospitals in England to receive NHS funding to produce its own electricity.
The Reading hospital will receive £5m from the Carbon And Energy Fund to install solar panels, wind turbines and a heat-driven mini power station.
The Department of Health scheme aims to cut CO2 emissions from NHS buildings.
A Royal Berkshire Hospital spokesman said work would start in early 2012. Other funding is going to hospitals in Kent, Cambridge and Wolverhampton.
The five hospital trusts are part of a first tranche of grants handed out by the fund.
Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge will receive a £15m grant, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital in Margate will get £4m, Kent and Canterbury Hospital in Canterbury will get £3m in funding and Royal Wolverhampton Hospital in West Midlands is due to receive between £3 and 5m.
A spokesman for the Carbon And Energy Fund, which has more than £100m to distribute, said the plan was to help 60 NHS hospital trusts reduce their carbon footprint in four years.
Royal Berkshire Hospital spokesman Joe Wise said the hospital could save between £500,000 and £1m a year in electricity bills and reduce its CO2 emissions by about 3,200 tonnes.
He said the hospital was expected to produce surplus energy that would go towards powering the nearby Reading School, the London Road campus of Reading University and a planned heated community swimming pool or sauna on the hospital's site.
£5 million to fit in equipment that has to be subsidised by the taxpayers in order to be economically viable in the first place. £5 million on equipment that wont even pay back it's purchase costs within its working lifetime. All to appease the idiots who still believe that humankind can do something about climate change, who believe that the UK must wreck its economy in order to reduce its "carbon footprint" when the USA and China who produce 40% of the worlds carbon footprint compared to our 2% are not so stupid as to do anything about it, they want their people employed it seems. Not even the zealots in the EU are so stupid as to believe that their economies should be wrecked by schemes that are expensive, unreliable and unworkable as the UK The previous labour government has stuck us with a voluntary commitment to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions to 80 per cent of their 1990 level by 2050 something which would only be achievable by shutting down most of the economy leaving us to starve and freeze as we'd be unable to buy food or heat our homes in the winter.
The greed and tax grabbing of our political classes has the UK staring into the abyss of economic meltdown as over £760 per annum per household of our income is going into the coffers of government to be wasted on environmental foolishness and yet to save face (or because they just don't care) no one in the government has the guts to say hold on, we don't need this.
I'm all for looking after the environment, that means dealing with pollution and waste, but green energy is not looking after the environment, it's just lining the pockets of companies and politicians who promote their barmy schemes in the face of evidence that they simply don't work as advertised and aren't needed.
Their time will come when we'll hang them from the lampposts, but no doubt some will escape with their ill gotten gains to some tax haven in the sun whilst the UK economy collapses from their greed and short sighted stupidity.

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Harry Hook said...

They've probably got their escape route already planned... This is the Great Train Robbery in slow motion... starring Buster Huhne.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

"to install solar panels, wind turbines and...."

Going to be a neat trick as the Royal Berkshire is surrounded by private housing etc.....

Oh and when the sun don't shine and the wind don't blow........?