Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Actions, not words please

Until the blogger Guido Fawkes (Paul Staines) took it upon himself to highlight the gross abuses of "Pilgrims" within the public services who do a full time union job at the taxpayers expense many of us were unaware at just how deep the rot of corruption and waste of money that Labour were prepared to cover up to allow the bloated public sector unions who bankroll them to feast at the trough of taxation. So far it's been estimated there are around 150 civil servants who are actually full time trade union officials, all on the public payroll and this does not cover those working at local government levels. More part timers exist as well soaking up revenue that could be spent elsewhere combating the cuts rather than encouraging strike action by public service staff.

Picture courtesy of Guido's blog
Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles slammed the role of paid full-time unionists as a “non-job” and pledged to crack down on them.
He told the Conservative conference yesterday: “They cost the public sector – that’s taxpayers to you and me – a quarter of a billion pounds a year.
“That’s money taken away from frontline services.”
He said Labour was too in hock to unions to take action, adding: “If unions want to raise money for Labour – do it in your own time, not on the rates.
“We’re going to call time on this last closed shop.” 
Indeed Labour are in hock to the unions, there were various scams in place such as the Union Modernisation Fund that saw a rebate for the money the unions paid to the Labour Party come straight out of government coffers for the development and advancement of the “movement”. In other words Labour were using public funds by what amounted to a money laundering scheme to top up their coffers.
Yet despite what Eric Pickles is saying and mostly I like what he says, I'm still waiting for deeds to match the words. We (the taxpayers) are being ripped off left right and centre by corrupt unions, corrupt local government and corrupt politicians in general. Their time is coming, the only thing that might save them is to pay back what they are stealing, something they are showing no inclination to do.
Someday they will hang for their crimes, it can't come too soon.

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All Seeing Eye said...

Quite simply, I don't think anything will happen in more than a couple of isolated cases.

These 'announcements' are standard Conference tricks and are just hot air. Guido has declared victory far too quickly.

Anonymous said...

Are you aware that your council tax is funding full-time "researchers" for each of the political parties represented on your local council? They count as local government employees yet work for the parties.