Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rewriting history

Revisionism is a despicable act often promulgated by socialists and other leftists after they have made a total balls up of a country after they have been thrown out of power. You saw it in full flow with Ed balls yesterday when he denied Labour had been profligate with the countries finances whilst completely ignoring the idiotic Private Finance Initiatives that the Labour government have saddled local authorities with. Worst of all though was his attempt to somehow blame Eastern Europeans for the UK's immigration problems.
ED Balls yesterday denied Labour had wasted hundreds of billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.
In his keynote conference speech the Shadow Chancellor admitted Labour had “made mistakes” on the economy.
But he rejected charges that the party had been “profligate with public money” and insisted even more borrowing and spending was needed to boost growth.
Yes, that's right, he believes the way to cure government overspending is for the government to borrow more and spend more, something a 9 year old could figure out as being complete bollocks.
“We should have adopted tougher controls on migration from Eastern Europe. And yes – we didn’t regulate the banks toughly enough.”
Yes you should have, though I can assure you that because of the Lisbon treaty your cowardly idiot of a leader signed, there was bugger all Labour could have done about Eastern European immigration, though oddly enough most of them came here to work. The problem for the UK stems from Labours other pet immigrants, the Islamic community, many of whom only come here for the lavish (by their standards) benefits system Labour set up, not to work at all so becoming a net drain on the economy, not a benefit. Labour seem to want us to forget that they came to office in 1997 and Poland did not join the EU until 2004. Yet  in 1996, net immigration to the UK was 40,000, by 2003 it was 150,000. It is now about 250,000. Eastern Europe might be a problem, but it isn't the problem the left would want us to believe it is, not in the same way that Islamic immigration is anyway.
If immigrants want to come the the UK they should:

Swear allegiance to the Country
Speak English fluently
Leave their (religious) culture and social mores at the door
Guarantee that they will do their best to integrate.
Not complain about customs that offend.
Respect and embrace our culture.
Bring money with them and pay a bond to repatriate them if it goes wrong.
Have a job, pay for their own housing.
Have no benefit entitlement until they've paid at least 10 years worth of taxation for all the non tax paying members of their families at the minimum wage level.
Do not get full citizenship until after 10 years have passed and they can prove they have successfully integrated.

Yet the left and Labour continue to deny they did anything wrong, just mistakes and no real apology.

Typical, but very, very socialist.

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Restoring Britain said...

Harman did it also on last week's Question Time. As some kind of claim to economic prudence she rapidly inserted a claim that New Labour reduced public spending as a percentage of GDP to under 40% before the recession. Odd that this wasn't a claim they had been shouting about before not.

What she didn't let on though was that it had already come under 40% when they came to power in 1997 and that it was a continuation of a trend started under John Major as they continued to adopt conservative spending plans.

She also didn't say how it started to rocket shortly afterwards either.

We've moved from Education, Education Education to Revision, Revision, Revision

Anonymous said...

Imagine the scene. Red Ed Wooster is reading a book in his study when he is rudely disturbed by a knock on the door.

Wooster : What is it Balls?

Balls : Bad news sir. Our policy wonks have been doing some research and come up with some alarming problems with this multi- culti thing.

Wooster : Well spit it out man!!

Balls : Well sir apparently all the Poles we've let in are Catholic, dont like abortion and take a dim view of homosexuals.

Wooster : Oh dear, oh well cant be helped is there anything else Balls?

Balls: Yes sir. Their country was invaded by German socialists and then by Russian socialists and consequently they tend to view political parties such as ours with a considerable degree of pertubation.

Furthermore they believe in self reliance and family values. their 2nd and 3rd generations are never going to vote for us.

Wooster : Well what complete Fuckwit let these bastards in.

Balls : We did sir!!

Wooster : Well split me nose open with a boat hook. whats to be done? Balls please tell me what colour are these Poles?

Balls : According to reliable sources they are white sir.

Wooster : Well there's your pigeon!!

Balls : Yes sir, If I may be so bold as to suggest a masking operation. I will make a speech laying into these whitey immigrant bastards and generally giving the impression that we actually give a shit about immigration and that will convince the naive and gullible!!

Wooster " Yes you do that straight away!

Balls. I will get on with my reading. At the moment im reading an academic report into the condition of the English working class. Do you know Balls it says here on page 114 that in 21st century Britain people outside of Islington and Notting Hill manage to live their entire lives without the services of Butlers, Valets, Nannies, cooks and such. Incredible but true. The stuff you can learn from books eh Balls!!

Balls : Yes sir!!

Captain Haddock said...

Well said QM ...

James Higham said...

Revisionism is a despicable act often promulgated by socialists and other leftists after they have made a total balls up of a country after they have been thrown out of power.

Why can't I find anything to disagree with here?