Sunday, September 18, 2011

More human wrongs

As each day goes bye I'm coming to hate the Human Rights Act and the idiot politicians who will not do something about the ambiguity of its clauses and the fact that the legal system is abusing its original intentions by using it to prevent justice by protecting their clients within its bounds.
Yes I know if the act protects criminals it will also protect me, but I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that I don't need the kind of protections it offers, not when it can be twisted to produce a result like this.
A COLOMBIAN cocaine dealer has beaten deportation after claiming it would ruin her social life and be a breach of her human rights.
She even got legal aid to bring the case, funded by the taxpayer.
A series of bungles by immigration officials left a furious judge with no choice but to let the 48-year-old woman, referred to only as AMB, stay in Scotland.
The judge, Lord Bannatyne, heavily criticised Home Secretary Theresa May for errors at the Home Office.
He described the deportation order as “unreasonable” and said officials had failed to scrutinise the case properly.
At one stage official papers had even called for the woman to be sent back to Jamaica.
She was first arrested in Leith in 2005 when police stumbled on a sophisticated drugs lab which “would have produced large amounts of cocaine and crack” to be sold across Scotland.
After serving 20 months, she was served with a deportation order but appealed successfully, arguing that a return to Colombia would interfere with her private life in a “disproportionate manner”.
That's right, being deported for selling an illegal substance would be a breach of her human rights with regard to her social life. No I'm not getting into the argument that drugs should be legalised (they should) and that under legalisation this wouldn't be a crime (it might under the sale of unregistered chemicals) but under the law as it now stands we have to feed and keep a foreign national in this country when the easiest solution should have just been deportation to a Colombian prison oh and a tattoo across the forehead  saying pusher just in case she ever tries to get back in.
A right to a social life isn't a right and certainly shouldn't be the right of a convicted criminal. Same with the right to a family life, you get deported, your family can go with you if they want too.
But our spineless politicians cannot or will not do anything about it, makes you wonder what they are good for other than expenses, talking hot air and generally finding ways to take our money off us via taxation.

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WitteringsfromWitney said...

It is indeed a mad, mad world QM - we most definitely need a peoples coup!