Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I have been indulging myself with past memories and an ability to find a bargain on Ebay. I've managed to blag myself an Amiga 1200 complete with a massive 850 mb (that's right megabite) hard drive. For those who don't know, Amiga's were lovely little hybrids between true game playing machines like the Sony Megadrive and the  Super Nintendo and business/arts machines like the pc or mac. It had a keyboard and various ports for connecting accesories

The 1200 was the last of the Amiga group although enthusiasts are still building new bits for them today and there's a burgeoning market in spares and repairs, though sadly few games. You can still have one built to order though and the Amiga community is still one of the more active of the retro computing groups on the web. I can with a few mods even get it running on my broadband getting a browser for it being the fun bit, though this will wait a while as I'm going back to my computing roots to play a few old games I remember well.

3 annotations:

Bucko said...

She's a beauty. I have a Spectrum +2 with games that I play when I'm bored

Snowman said...

The A1200 is the bestest Amiga model, which means it's completely badass. Though I hope you've got an accelerator + extra memory if you want to go online with it.

Quiet_Man said...

The internet project is on hold, I know where I can buy a (new) accelerator with memory and get a browser. Bit expensive though and I do have a pc to download items I require in the way of software.