Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bring it on...

Seems our overpaid union bosses in the public sector are trying to justify their obscene wages by calling for a general strike in the coming months.

Picture courtesy of Taxpayers Alliance
Britain is facing the threat of mass walkouts by public sector workers after the biggest unions announced strike ballots over pensions.
Unison, Unite, the GMB and the Fire Brigades' Union will consult members about co-ordinated industrial action starting in November.
Unison's leader Dave Prentis told the TUC's annual conference the strikes would involve the "fight of our lives".
But the government said widespread action would leave the public "angry".
Ministers are seeking increases in pension contributions from next April, while millions of workers continue to face a pay freeze.
The coalition argues that rises in payments are fair and will make schemes sustainable despite an ageing population.
If it goes anything like the last lot, I wonder if anyone other than the mums of schoolkids will actually notice. Sure there might be problems if the fire brigade strike and the RMT have shown a tendency to strike over trivia (The EDL, yet not the people who support bombing tubes MAC) but overall other than inconveniencing the general public for whom they rely on for support, I rather think they will be digging their own graves. Their members will lose money, lose public support and in the end will have to bend to simple economics in that the country simply cannot afford the largesse of their current pension schemes. Still I'm sure that the union leaders themselves won't mind a bit, not as if they are going to lose out particularly, their attitude over all seems to be one of "Never mind the results, if I'm still in charge, Then everything went well" a similar attitude to many WW1 generals who felt any amount of deaths to gain a few yards of territory was justifiable so long as it wasn't their deaths.
The public will suffer (perhaps) the ordinary union member will suffer (definitely)and I'm pretty sure that if anyone dies due to the fire brigade being on strike that the headlines will reflect the anger.
Quite frankly other than the government giving up and increasing our taxes (thus committing electoral suicide) I cannot see any way for the public service unions to win this.
I suspect the ordinary members know this too, though sadly they aren't the ones who make the decisions, just the idiots on the so called left who think no price is too high to pay to have a go at a Tory government.

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ArtCo said...

I agree entirely,surely the first thing to do is get the backing of the general public, who lets face it, would love just a small amount of the benefits these people get. My wife works for the Public Sector and she is a Union member , If she votes for strike action I am going to withold my sexual favours. But of course she won't vote that way, because she is a realist.
Note to self: After 30 years of marriage, increase/beg the sexual favours, to facilitate a bargaining chip. LOL

English Pensioner said...

If Cameron had any guts, he'd announce that if there are mass strikes, all agreements about changes reached to date will become void, and that the government will impose their initial proposals unilaterally.
That would at least make the union members, if not their leaders, think about their future.

Another option would be to announce that staff could have exactly what pay and pensions the union demands, but jobs would be cut pro-rata to keep the bill the same.

But I expect in the end Cameron will give in to the Unions with the help of the LibDems.

Michael Fowke said...

These communists have got it made!

James Higham said...

Half a million? Effing hell.