Sunday, September 11, 2011

At least they tried

Muslims against crusades came specifically to the USA embassy to cause a scene and celebrate the deaths of over 3000 people. That they managed to burn a Stars and Stripes Flag is their right and I don't have a problem with that. What I do object too is that the powers that be in this country have taken away their right to face the consequences of this act. The EDL attempted to stop this by occupying the demonstration site, they were served with section 14 notices and forced to move aside whilst these ranting fanatics went about their business of shaming themselves and their religion.
Image courtesy of rupertyevelyn at yfrog
Others were there to counter-protest as well, but only the EDL actually tried to prevent the MAC scum from their shameful act.
Credit where credit is due.
Nearly 400 EDL and Casuals at the US Embassy now. MAC disrupted the minutes silence and have been burning flags.

We will remember, we wont forgive, nor will we forget.

Breaking, 2 EDL stabbed in a London Weatherspoon pub after it was invaded by 8 Islamic knife wielding cowards.
Story is still breaking, but like the bus beating up of the young lady it rather looks like the police arrested 20 EDL, though there are unconfirmed reports of 2 MAC supporters being arrested too.
Both lads are ok and one of the EDL Angels filmed the stabbing so they will get nicked happy days

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James Higham said...

Sure they have a right to burn a flag and on the plane back to their own country of origin, they can chant their ditties too. Good luck for their future in their old homeland.

English Pensioner said...

According to the Mail, the police moved the EDL in order to provide space for the Islamists to demonstrate.
I wonder if they will be providing similar space opposite the Cenotaph on Armistice Sunday?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's particularly surprising that someone would want to burn the american flag. I have no problem with that and would gladly provide the matches.

While we are about it I'd happily burn that union jack shit too.

Anonymous said...

And your point, Tris?

Are you against all things American, or just flags in general?

And why just Union Jack's shit? What about Union Albert, or Union Phil?

If you feel you have to pass comment, do try to keep them understandable, preferably constructive, or at least with a certain rationale in them.


Quiet_Man said...

These are the same bunch who find it amusing to burn poppies Tris I doubt they'd have any qualms about burning a Saltire or Cross of St Andrew either both being subordinate to the will of allah as they see it.
These are the extreme end of the religion of the perpetually offended, but they mask a deeper malaise in our society brought about by uncontrolled immigration from third world hellholes.

Anonymous said...

Tris you nonce. Burning the flag represents the complete "destruction" of a nation.
You have then admitted that you would provide the matches. If i were you, go with MAC on armistice day where they will burn the poppy. Go there and choose your side because it is blatantly obvious.