Monday, August 15, 2011

Fuel for thought

Imagine what you could do with an extra £500 a year, ok, it's not a lot in the great scheme of things, but it's an extra £40 a month or a tenner a week. A lot of people might not notice the difference, but to pensioners shivering in the depths of winter because they dare not put the heating on or people living at the edge of their budget month in month out it might just be enough to make keeping going a little easier.
EVERY family in the UK pays £500 a year too much in “ineffective and fiercely costly” green taxes, a new book claims today.
Let Them Eat Carbon says domestic green taxes – like fuel duty, the fossil-fuel levy and landfill tax – raise £39billion a year, £13billion more than can be justified.
Its author, , says: “The biggest threat to taxpayers is expensive new green taxes and subsidies.”
He cites Government figures which put the annual social cost of Britain’s greenhouse gas emissions at £16.9billion which, together with the £9.2billion spent on roads, leaves a green tax surplus of around £13billion – or £500 for every family.
He adds: “Excessive green taxes make everything from driving to work to taking a well-earned holiday more expensive and make it a lot harder for manufacturers to compete.”
 It's not just the £500 a year for families heating bills, it's the cost of food and transportation, it's part of the subsidy we pay for useless windfarms and solar panels. It all adds up and it costs everyone who pays a fuel bill and every taxpayer in the UK at least £500 and probably a lot more so deep does this scam go. It's not just the UK government either, it goes all the way up to the EU and beyond to the U.N. and its International Panel for Climate Control a hubristic misnomer of a title if ever there was one.
We are being robbed by those who know it's a scam yet pretend that somehow or other we wont notice and will carry on shelling out year in year out whilst they chant the mantra of carbon capture/climate change whilst jetting off to conferences in exotic locations often enough at our expense too.
Sooner or later though we'll call a halt to it or they'll quietly let it drop in favour of a new scam. But what they don't realise is just how close they have pushed people to the edge now. 10 years ago we all had a bit more cash to spare, now more and more are living on the edge and making personal cuts to their budgets. The riots were a symptom of this in part with the looting and the sheer anger of ordinary people at the powers that be. The Romans used bread and circuses to keep the mob happy, that's in part of what the Olympics are supposed to be a part of, but it's a year away and things aren't getting better, plus the bread (cheap food and drink) isn't available either. One of the reasons the Communist block carried on so long is that they kept the price of bread down, people could always get cheap food, when they finally ran out of money that's when it collapsed. Our politicians and other powers are playing with fire, when people feel they no longer have control over their finances they'll look to someone who will promise they can take care of it.
Might not be today or tomorrow, but unless there is a change in policy to put money back in working peoples pockets it will come.

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Captain Haddock said...

"It's not just the UK government either, it goes all the way up to the EU and beyond to the U.N. and its International Panel for Climate Control a hubristic misnomer of a title if ever there was one" ...

So that's how they "control" climate is it .. with a committee ?

Little wonder no bugger can ever get it right ..

Bucko said...

O/T but have you seen this?

Captain Haddock said...

"Insp Bilal Mulla, Lancashire’s Channel co-ordinator ... "

Well, fuck my Granny's old sea boots .. I mean, who'd ever have thought it ?

James Higham said...

It's the utter wastage which kills us. We could be making ends meet otherwise.

English Pensioner said...

And if we also had the £500 that the average family pays in foreign aid, we'd be quite well off.